Bush signs anti-telemarketing law.

In a rare move The Shrub(TM) has done something that actually pleases me for a change. Namely signing into law a bill that should help cut down on annoying telemarketing calls. Taken from Yahoo! News – Bush Signs Anti-Telemarketing Bill:

WASHINGTON – President Bush (news – web sites) on Tuesday signed legislation creating a national “do-not-call” list intended to help consumers block unwanted telemarketing calls.

The bill allows the Federal Trade Commission to collect fees from telemarketers to fund the registry, which will cost about $16 million in its first year. The do-not-call program should begin operation by summer.

Telemarketers say the registry will devastate their business. The Direct Marketing Association, an industry group, filed a lawsuit against the FTC last month on grounds the registry unlawfully restricts free speech.

Consumers could enroll in the free service via the Internet or a toll-free number. Telemarketers would have to check the list every three months to find out who does not want to be called. Those who call listed people could be fined up to $11,000 for each violation.

Awww. I feel so bad for the telemarketers. OK, so that’s not really true. I might feel bad for them if they were suddenly attacked and dismembered by roving packs of rabid weasels with anger management issues, but only after I’d stopped giggling. The exemption loophole is for “charities, surveys and calls on behalf of politicians”, which can be just as bad as some telemarketers. In fact I was stunned by how many calls we got from politicians which I bitched about previously here in this space and there’s at least one charity that doesn’t seem to understand that I don’t wish to support them so they call to see if I’ve changed my mind at least once every other month despite my asking them to take me off their call list. Still, anything that reduces the volume of calls will at least make me more patient with the rest that get through. Kudos to Bush for being on the right side of an issue for a change.

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  1. Good maybe those little @#$%^ will get the message.  Working nights I get calls all day long and I hate it.  People always say just turn off the ringer, but with a sick parent I don’t dare!  Besides why the fuck should I?

  2. Hi.. its me.. the “@#$%^”  I am a manager at a telemarketing company.. I was searching for anti-telemarketing pages to see whats up on the other side.  Don’t worry, We dont call for charities or politicians.  I also work the night shift and recieve those anoying calls starting right at 8am and they dont seem to get the point.  My company is #1 in the industry and we take care of all requests, I personally make sure that it is taken care of because I know how annoying it is.  Growing up in my parents home they got calls like crazy and I would just mess with them for a good laugh most of them sound like robots! I never thought i would be in their shoes, but I have turned it into a good thing, I make sure all of my employees are customer oriented and not sales oriented, because leaving the customer with a good impression is all that matters.  But I wanted to say one thing, Dont hate the telemarketer.. find out WHO they are calling on behalf of and HOW to contact them.  Those are the ones that put your name on the list.. and if you dig deep enough, you might be surprized at how deep that rabbit hole goes.  Most of them get your info from a sweepstake you signed up for or from your phone company.. even the credit beuros(SP?) themselves.  Just take it easy on them and give the man behind the curtain the credit they deserve.  The whole thing is like the wizard of oz!  But for the national DNC list.. its not going to help the REALLY annoying calls.. non-profit/politicians and banks will not be affected by it.  They do need to make a good one so we dont have to waist time and money calling people who dont want us to waist their time.  True?  But just for an outside opinion.. I DO understand, and atleast know you got one company on your side.

    West Telemarketing Outbound Corperation

  3. Brie has some good advice there and in all honesty I really do try to remember that the person on the phone isn’t the one I’m really annoyed with. That’s just someone trying to make a living in a thankless job. I’m glad to hear that someone like Brie is out there trying to make telemarketing calls a little less annoying and keeping the customer in mind. Thank you for speaking up, Brie.

    I think folks just get easily frustrated because even if you’re near-religious in asking to be removed from call lists the calls just keep coming in. It’s my hope that a national DNC that needs to be checked before a call is placed would help to cut down on the frustration. I actually find SPAM email less annoying because I only get hit with it when I’ve sat down to check my email whereas I can’t control the “when and where” of a telemarketing call.

    Not that I wouldn’t appreciate a good way to eliminate most of my SPAM email too.

  4. I am like my other counterpart that decided to take a minute out of his day to post a comment on this website-A telemarketing manager!! BOO HISS. After all I’m the man in charge of telling all of my people to not take no for an answer. Sales means money. BOTTOMLINE. I happen to work for a great company who provides a legitimate sevice for a fair price. In seventeen years of doing buisness, we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Ninety-nine percent of which were contacted through a telemarketing call. We recieve letters all of the time stating that “we normally hang-up, but I’m glad we didn’t this time.” We do $3,000,000 a year of buisness. The average for our industry is about $100,000 per year. We do 30 times the buisness from 6 telemarketers. A bad way to do buisness—-hardly. Though telemarketing laws are necessary to protect consumers from harrassment and scams, buyer beware—it is you MR. or Mrs. Jones that has the responsibility of being a cautious consumer. If you don’t want calls HANG UP! There’s also this little service that the phone companies provide called UNLISTED NUMBERS! If your number is public record—constitutionally—-it is our right to call you. Imagine if you weren’t allowed to call anyone you wanted in the phone book. What if certain people decided they didn’t want to talk to you before they knew who you were or what you had to say, just because the last person that called them with your name pissed them off. Should we start an anti-John list. I think I might! Never really got along with all you Johns anyways. President Bush—I would not like to be contacted by any Johns anymore. I work hard and make a very good living. At least until the government decides it is unlawful for me to earn my keep. After that happens I hope you’ll all think of me collecting my unemployment and foodstamps everytime you look at your paystubs. As for me—I’ll still be sleeping!! PS—Don’t call to early—The bars don’t open till noon!!

  5. I am like my other counterpart that decided to take a minute out of his day to post a comment on this website-A telemarketing manager!! BOO HISS. After all I

  6. I personally received several telemarketing
    calls from the Bush organization asking me
    to purchase a $400. photo of Bush and to contribute to his campaign. I also received calls from several other Republicans trying to hammer me for money. The calls were very aggressive
    and most certainly unsolicited. They asked me to listen to a recording of Bush pleading for my help.

    Why can multimillionaire Bush, hawk his crappy, overpriced photos via telemarketing and the
    carpet cleaning guy down the street is going to get fined $11,000 for trying to give me a free demo? I would rather hear from the local carpet cleaning guy. At least I might get a clean
    carpet out of the deal. Maybe he will do business
    with me later down the line too. Bush will never
    do a thing for me.

    How convenient and yes unconstitutional that the politicians exempted themselves from this new law.

    I am not in the telemarketing business but I believe this new law is just another way of
    politicians to limit the voice of the little guy.
    We do not have access to major media but most people can make some phone calls.

    What is next? Is is going to be unlawful to initiate a conversation in the street because it
    is inconvenient for the other person?

    We already can’t fax, email and now phone call others unless we have a pre established business relationship. How the hell do we start the business relationship? Through expensive media advertising? Essentially the government is gradually shutting down the voice of the little guy.

    The telemarketing industry employs millions of people and we are throwing them out on the street.

    Yeah, I know who cares. It does not affect you.
    But it does. What if your company sells to companies which generate sales using telemarketing? If those companies do not have sales they will not purchase from your company.
    Maybe you are in shipping and you will get laid off becuase your company does not have anything to ship. Are you sure your business has absolutely no connections with any company that uses telemarketing to develop their leads?
    If so and if you supported this telemarketing law you just screwed yourself.

    I would rather be inconvenienced during dinner
    by solicitations and still be able to afford dinner.

    When is the government going to stop ruining
    our economy and stop limiting our speach?

    By the way. There is a great way to get rid
    of telemarketers. When they call you and ask
    you if you want to change long distance companies just say “what are you wearing?”


  7. Matt and Jay, the moment you two, or the telemarketing companies agree to pay my monthly phone services bill, or for the time I waste saying “no damn thank you over and over”, or for the therapy the oh so innocent and well-meaning telemarketers force me to long for, then we can talk about my reconsidering my opinion of the quasi-business one(?) of you works for.
    Bad business is bad business. You wanna sell me something, pop the information in the mailbox. Too, list your personal phone numbers in your next post so we can call you when we feel like it. That’s only fair, right? The telemarketing companies don’t seem to want to provide a number to call them back. Strange!… Next pity party applicant please!!

  8. Hello, my name is Daniel. I am 14 years old. Im not sure about the whole FTC telemarketing law but here my prospective on what I know. There are well over 12,000,000 Americans who telemarket. About 65 percent of the people who telemarket sell mortgages. There is over 50 billion dollars in sales for mortgages alone. Bush and all his friends that own the big banks used to be able to corner the whole mortgages market beacause peope went right to the banks, but now because some people realized that it is easy to make money by selling these mortgages hired thousands of telemarketers to sell the mortgages right on the phone on a commission based salary. Now, over the years the ideas caught on and millions of dollars of revenue turned into billions for these little corporations. Because of this, Bush and the big banks were loosing billions upon billions because of these millions of Americans who telemarket for these individual refinancing corporations. There are thousand of these cooperation

  9. I’ve edited out your phone number as I’m not sure your parents would appreciate getting phone calls.

    While I can sympathize with you on the potential for your father to lose his job, I don’t think Bush and his cronies were in any danger of having their incomes threatened by the likes of telemarketers. The only reason they put such a law into place is because it was an easy way to score political brownie points and it didn’t affect them personally. The public has wanted this law for a long time and telemarketers would do well to understand that it’s not wise to piss off the people you’re supposed to be selling to.

  10. I actually did a little telemarketing in highschool. Good way to make a little cash working 3 hours a day, but I sure as hell wouldn’t try to eek out a living doing it. We weren’t too high on the “hated” list. We sold subscriptions to the local newspaper. We called new residents, expired subscribers, etc. Most of the time, we got “OH, yes, I’ve been meaning to call the Times…” Not too bad as telemarketing gigs go.

    That said.

    I’m absolutely in support of this bill. We just cancelled our home phone line because I felt I was paying the telephone company for the benefit of telemarketers. We never ever answered the phone (even with caller ID), because telemarketers have rendered our home phone line absolutely useless. Well, fuck them. Now we only have cell phones.

    The public wants it. I want it. People want to be left alone, and it’s their right. I’m sorry that people could be losing a job over it, but I find it hard to get too upset. I sincerely doubt that any level of position within a telemarketing company is such a specialized skill that the person will be rendered unemployable in some other field. “People will lose jobs” is not a reason to allow the harassment to continue. If that’s what you base your livelyhood on, that’s the risk you take. Get another job. People have to do it every day.

  11. Hello. I didnt think that bushes or his friends would be loosing there whole income because of telemarketers. What I was trying to say was that the mortgages are the ony thing good right now and that the rates are the lowest theyve been in 45 years. Thousands of people apply each day and telemarketers take away way too much buisness for the banks. Thats all i think,

  12. Except that Telemarketers themselves don’t provide loans or mortgages. They may provide advertising for banks and credit unions who do, but then they wouldn’t be necessarily taking mortgages or loans away from banks as a whole and your theory ends up falling on its face. Considering that I’ve gotten telemarketing calls for a number of different financial institutions, both banks and credit unions, I fail to see how telemarketing would be seen as a threat by the banks.

  13. Thousands of people apply each day and telemarketers take away way too much buisness for the banks.

    Easy on the conspiracy theory. Did you formulate this opinion yourself or are you pulling on something your father said in regard to him losing his job? It sounds like the paranoid political ramblings of an adult in a shaky situation, not a 14 year old.

    Not to mention, that’s silly. Who do you think telemarketers sell mortgages/loans FOR? Not themselves. They are employed by banks or credit unions or other lending institutions as a marketing tool. Telemarketers don’t directly compete with anyone for anything, they are simply a sales force. And an extraordinarily annoying one at that.

  14. Hello. I would like to say that I did in-fact formulate this opinion by myself. It is generally the case that 95 percent of the time a loan is sold by a telemarketer they get a commission of 38-45 percent of the money that is generated by the loan. The mortgage firm gets the other slightly larger half. And most of these telemarketers without responsibilities like kids or child support can open there own mortgage business easily. All they require is a desk, a small office, a little bit of cash that they can afford to loose (or they can work from there own home) a license and a name. Hundreds try to open there own business each month. (Few succeed). What I am also trying to say is that 99.9 percent of these telemarketers DONT WORK FOR BANKS OR CREDIT UNIONS, but mostly for themselves or a tiny firm. If a person doesn

  15. Brandi, Les

    I worked wholesale for The Money Store (and a few other companies) for a few years, and Daniel is actually correct when he says the banks lose some money when they don’t originate their own loans.  It’s usually on the level of between three and seven points in “origination” fees.  On the other hand, when banks originate their own loans, they collect the origination fees, AND their underwriting tends to be a little less risk-tolerant.

    TMS specialized in B and C paper, and I remember closing some loans that were really pushing the underwriting envelope.  (Ah yes, the Winnebago up on cinderblocks was a “mobile home on a permanent foundation.”) Of course, TMS bundled the loans in portfolios, and sold them to banks, so they didn’t actually assume much risk if the borrower defaulted.

    So you can see why it’s in the banks’ own interest, on several levels, to originate their own loans.  Of course, it also means they have to pay the employees who work the lines, process the loans, etc.

    In fact, a bank (First Union) bought out TMS (oh boy, that bank was surprised at what a dog they got too) and closed down wholesale, so they could move the telemarketing to (Virginia, I think?  N. Carolina?).

    Of course, everyone at TMS was well aware of the fact that the party was always about to end— Everyone knew it was just a matter of time.

    And that’s my very long-winded way of saying that Daniel may actually be right about the “conspiracy.”

    But if his dad calls me at home, I’m still gonna hang up on him the way I do every other telemarketer.

  16. Attention: Brandi
    Hello aka: Brandi. I would like to no a job that a person that is 49 years old could get that requires no overhead and still be home in time for me to have dinner.- I could be wrong, maybe they are hiring, but they prefer the younger people over older people. My dad had owned a business that sold belts. Things are made in china now, but he has over 17 years experience as a boss. No one still wants to hire . . . maybe you have a suggestion- but i could be wrong-

  17. Daniel, you do a great job, for a 14 year old, of getting your opinion and observations across but I still have to say I have little pity for the telemarketing industry, as it dug it’s own grave in my mind.

    I have to point out that the postal service is the least invasive way for your dad to offer his service, as well as newspaper ads and *shudder*, even e-mail.

    “If a person doesn

  18. I just realized that even though I’m not a fan of shaving the pubic region, I’m perfectly willing to lose the Bush in November 2004.

  19. attenion Brock:
    Hello Brock. As I have read in your letter above I completely see you point of view. This country wasn

  20. Why do you think there telemarketers? Because they cant do anything else. Bush is the problem.

    No. That’s THEIR problem. If a 49 year old adult (or anyone else) can’t do anything other than annoy people on the phone to make a living, it is certainly their own problem.

    The only age discrimination comes from the fact that a 49 year old who needs to feed a family can only do the job that any uneducated 22 year old can do. Of course the company is going to opt for the cheaper option to get the same job done. Ever heard the phrase “lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine”?

    I would like to no a job that a person that is 49 years old could get that requires no overhead and still be home in time for me to have dinner

    Regular “jobs” working for an employer don’t require any overhead. But self-employment options often do. I am self-employed, and I have gigantic overhead costs. That’s the cost of the priviledge of being your own boss and running a successful business. So pardon me if you get no sympathy there. There’s a plethora of 8-5 jobs available for people with a marketable skill. You can’t expect people to pay you well for having nothing to offer. And everyone is not entitled to be their own boss and make a comfy living with just a couch and a telephone…ANNOYING other people.

    If you have a skill or an education, generally, someone will pay you for it. If you don’t, who’s fault is that? The world does not owe anybody a comfortable living or even a living wage if they have no service or skill to offer worth paying for. Or if they aren’t willing to work hard at an unskilled labor job. Those are the choices. Get a marketable skill, an education, or work at an unskilled laborer’s job. Sitting on the couch whining isn’t an option.

  21. Attention: Brandi
    “The only age discrimination comes from the fact that a 49 year old who needs to feed a family can only do the job that any uneducated 22 year old can do”.-BRANDI
    I really gotta say I love the way you put that. It makes a lot of sense. – Just joking. Were you looking at what you were writing? For your information there are many

  22. Attention brandy:
    Hows this for experence and education:

    Penn State Belt And Buckle Co., Wilkes Barre, PA
    C.E.O.  5/1977-2/1993
    I had owned and operated one of the largest multi-million dollar belt firms in the United States. It employed over 370 people. The corporation had to close its doors due to the fact that belts and other clothing and apparel are now made overseas instead of the United States. There was at one point over 500 belt firms in the United States, now there are under 10 and closing.
    As the C.E.O. of a business, I learned to posses many skills. At this job, I was always under constant pressure, so I work excellent under pressure. I learned to talk to people very well. I very good with finances so I feel that I am probably the best candidate for the job.

    UC Lending Co., Uniondale, NY
    Account Executive 10/2000-9/2002
    Leading 2001 salesman-Generated 6 Million in sales

    Ameriquest Mortgage Co., Uniondale, NY
    Account Executive 9/1999-10/2000
    Winner of New York Metropolitan Area Sales leader award- Won an all expenses paid trip to Maui, Hawaii

    Generated over 6 Million dollars in sales

    Adventure Bet Co., Manhattan, NY
    Vice presedent 1/1993-6/1999

    Independent Mortgage consultant, Locust valley, NY
    Mortgage Broker 10/2002-Present/2003


    Alferd University, Alfred, NY
    Bachelor of Business Administration , June 1976
    Bachelor of science Business Administration

    We’ve applied for at least a hundred jobs and they say yes, but there all asking you to sell somthing w/no benefets.
    Well there you go, theres my experience
    Does your company employ over 370 people. Are you one of the largest at what you do. I know a few people who design ads myself. Even my landlord owns a company that designs ads. Im not here to insult you or your buisness, but dont make attemps to make fun of people who telemarket. Im going to have to change my view on somthing. The reason people who telemarket telemarket, is because they had bad luck. They were delt a bad hand and mabe onday will recover. Not because there stupid, not because ack of skils. Like i said, all you have to do is say no if your not interested. THATS IT. Its not the worst thing in the world to get a talemarketing call.
    Yet there is still a slump no matter how much you say “bullshit”, its no going to change the fact that there hiring. And stop quoting me, its annoying. Those ads in the paper are scams. They are just trying to sell you somthing that tells you how to get a job. Seriously, get your facts strait. please take no offense. Thank you

  23. Dan/Daniel, I am confused. Am I speaking to the 14 year old son or the 49 year old father? You said “we” applied for jobs.

    You can belittle my business all you want. But I assure you I am not in the same caliber of business as your landlord “designing ads”. I, too, know many a hack with a copy of Photoshop that say they’re in business. Good for them. I handle $100K+ campaigns. And in the end, I don’t have to annoy people on the phone to make a living. I’ve never even once made a cold call. I get my work by word of mouth. Because I am very good at what I do. No, I am not one of the largest, but I am one of the best.

    The credentials sound outstanding. I don’t understand why that person cannot find a job. I say “that person” because I am still not sure who I am talking to. Seems sales is a good niche for you. My husband works in sales, but he has benefits, insurance, and a stellar car/travel allowance. So all sales jobs are not commission-only bullshit jobs. Matter of fact, none but the seediest are that I know of.

    People also sell drugs, prostitute, and a plethora of other things when they fall on hard times. Doesn’t make it OK. Actually, I take it back. Prostitution is victimless and should be legal. Telephone solicitation shouldn’t be. Not if I have taken the time to put my name on the “Do Not Call” list. Calling me on my phone to sell me something when I have asked NOT to be called is NOT OK. I have solicitation blocking on my home phone, which I have to pay EXTRA for. Those soliciting bastards ought to foot that bill. At work, on my business line, that service isn’t offered. So I personally have to field over 10 solicitations a day. Ink jet cartridges, credit cards, subscriptions, scams, etc. And every one of them has somewhere been coached not to take “no” for an answer. Well, fuck them. It interferes with my BUSINESS. It interferes with my conference calls, beeps in on my client calls, my vendor calls…my BUSINESS, my BOTTOM LINE. I charge $120 per hour. I ought to be able to charge the soliciters for taking up my valuable time that I could otherwise be getting paid for. Yes, I have to field my own calls. Are you going to pay me $20K a year for a secretary I need only to field the bullshit phone calls?

    Politely saying “no” is almost never an option, not to any soliciter worth their salt. And I don’t like being rude. It harshes my day. I don’t like their cheeky familiarity, as if we’ve been friends from way back. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you’re selling. If you can’t afford the overhead to run your business like a professional (using the media) and have to resort to the scumbag approach of telephone solicitation…I don’t want your fucking product. I don’t like being interupted, my concentration broken, or my peaceful creative morning coffee ruined by being forced to be rude to someone who is harassing me on a line I PAY over $150 a month for. Send me something in the mail if you must, advertise on tv/radio or in a magazine. But don’t you DARE call me and interupt my day to make your living. It is an UNsolicited phone call and I don’t want it. And I should have the right to avoid it.

    You may have fallen on hard times. And the best way to stay there is to throw in the towel and act like a victim. I would like to assume someone with those credentials would be competent enough to find another avenue of work…maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s not your credentials, maybe it’s something else. Are you an entitlement-minded ass in your professional life? Maybe that’s it.

    And by the way, I’ll quote you all I want. To quote a kindergardener, “You’re not the boss of me”. I am.

    Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

  24. And by the way, if that was a real resume, it was horribly written. If I received that resume in the mail, I wouldn’t hire that person to get my coffee, much less function in upper-level management or sales. Aside from the unprofessional verbiage and flow, the person sounds like they have a gigantic chip on their shoulder and doesn’t know what’s important and what info to leave out when applying for a job.

    And a degree in business administration isn’t exactly a stellar education. I know many a floundering BA holder still waiting tables many years after their degree…family included.

  25. Wow Brandi, lighten up a bit! I agree with you all the way about telemarketing but you shouldn’t tear the poor guy or his Dad to pieces. Daniel seems to really be trying to present his point of view fairly and courteously, and is doing exceptionally well for his age. I get the impression he is really concerned for his father’s situation.

    I know you are a much nicer person than you just came off being.

    Keep the chin up Daniel, but listen to Brandi and get a good education. You’re not going to have telemarketing to fall back on. Don’t do like me though: I majored in Theatre Arts.

  26. Attention Brock:
    Thank you. I can see where most people say you need to be able to say that you went to a good school, but you do what you like, and ife isnt always about making money and i respect the fact that you did what you like. I am planin on going to scool and investing most of my money to start in comododies. P.S. One of the smartest kids in my school is going to college next year and majoring in Theatre Arts. Hes a pretty cool kid. They just put on the play dont drink the water. Great show. Thanks again,

  27. Brandi said…

    Bullshit. No one? A quick scan through my local paper does in fact reveal there could be less open positions than at some point in the past, but there are still a variety of jobs available

  28. Atention Ragman:
    Hello- I would just like to say that if you are having 16 year old hookers screw you not infront of your family you must have a few issues to work out-lol. Second point-
    “At least hookers don

  29. I maintain prostitution is victimless. The Johns went loking for exactly what they wanted…unless maybe the prostitutes were telemarketing.

    I am actually a very nice person. I also got the impression I was suddenly talking to the father,  not the son. And you’re right, telemarketing is a very sore subject for me. I get harassed day and night. Well, it used to be night before I paid extra and got solicitation blocking. Some still got through and I just last week DISCONNECTED my home phone line because solicitors rendered MY phone line useless for use or personal enjoyment. Useless.

    Another sore subject for me is people acting like victims. “Well, if I can’t ___ I’ll just go live on the streets…” as exampled in an earlier message. Personal responsibility is a sore subject with me. I just can’t stand to see anyone throw their hands up in the air and blame other people (Bush, the anti-telemarketing bill) when there are obviously other options. People are responsible for themselves. If I run a company and put all my eggs in the basket of ONE product, and that product becomes obsolete due to a competitor’s product or the march of technology…who’s fault is that? Mine. I should have diversified. Or maybe I should just whine that the new technology isn’t fair and will put my employees out of work. Or maybe I should complain about the customers that don’t want to buy my product anymore. I should be able to MAKE them buy it, my livelyhood depends on it.

    The anti-telemarketing bill, the Do Not Call List are gifts to the right of peaceful existance. As I understand it, telemarketers are still free to call people who are NOT on that list. So be it. Maybe that doesn’t leave to many people to call? Tough. In my opinion, it only leaves the people who haven’t yet gotten around to putting themselves on the list.

    The assine comment that it is someone’s RIGHT to call and harass people because their phone number is listed just pissed me right off. I want(ed) my phone number listed so my friends can call me, so people can look me up and call me for the intended purpose of a home phone line…personal business and use. MY use. Not a cheap (free) way for people to pedal their wares to me via harassment.

    Last time I checked, bulk mail was still legal. There are other ways to market WHATEVER it is you’re selling.

    I might not be against telephone solicitation if it’s very nature was different. Maybe there should be a law that if I say “no thank you” even once, the ONLY acceptable response is “thank you for your time” [click]. But it doesn’t work that way.

    Like I said, I’ve worked telemarketing. When I was too young to know any better. I know firsthand the atmosphere they cultivate…never take “no” for an answer, never let them off the phone, and they have a “rebuttal” list right in front of them for ANY polite excuse you might try to make. Wanna see my “rebuttal” list from 1989? I still have a copy. Going back and reading it now just disgusts me.

    The ONLY way to get them off the phone is to hang up. We were taught that…“don’t stop selling until you get a ‘yes’ or hear the phone click”. And I do not want my life filled with phone calls where my only recourse is to hang up on people mid-sentence 10-15 times a day. I WANT to be a much nicer and friendlier person, and telemarketers are not allowing me to do that. They force me to be a bitch, they don’t play by the rules of polite society. And since 90% of them have abused the priviledge of my phone line and my time, I don’t want to be called, and that’s my right. Used car salemen use less pressure. And in that case, at least you went down to the car lot voluntarily…they’re not ringing your phone during business or dinner.

    For the record, I am never ever rude to telemarketers on the phone. Never. They are people and I understand that. The harshest thing I’ve ever said is to cut in with a “I do not accept telephone solicitations. Thank you. [click]”. But they got wise to that. Now I get these long drawn out intros from people I’ve never spoken to in my life where they act like some long lost pal, “Hiiii, Brandi…well how are you?! It’s been a long time. How’s business?” and while they chit-chat, I’m racking my brain trying to remember WHO this person is, true to their goal, assuming from their tone we obviously know each other or have worked together in the past. I would be crazy to just be rude and hang up on an old client or a loose aquaintence I was introduced to long ago through business. So I listen. And then it gets revealed that they are just stangers freaking trying to SELL me something, and have just wasted my time. Again.

    I’m sorry if some people are down on their luck. But there’s something else to do. Something. Their luck is not my problem and doesn’t constitute the right to harass me, interupt my business, and make me be a rude person I don’t wish to be…as evidenced by my harsh posts.

  30. Les, though I run the risk of alienating someone I have a healthy dose of respect for, I have to take issue with your comparison of Daniel to DB. Come on, the guy is 14 years old and he’s still working through his value stances. I’m not sure I had the courage he’s showing at that age. Yeah, some of the stuff he’s arguing is purely emotion based but that’s to be expected from anyone. Did you read the entire thread? Brandi makes some great points which echo my own sentiments, and certainly has the might of popular opinion on her side.

    Yet Daniel made effective enough points that nowiser, Ragman and myself went on record to support him to some degree. Are we trolls too then? Simply by the fact that he progressed the conversation would seem to exclude him from being a troll, and this thread is more interesting to me because of his input.

    I always love reading this site and understand too that everyone, myself included, fail to make their points perfectly every time here.

    Keep communicating Daniel! Having the courage to speak even when you know you will likely be disagreed with is commendable. Even DB, who seems to only repeat what he’s been told shows some courage in that way.

    It’s actually harder to allow oneself to post here and risk sounding stupid than you may be aware of, Les. Then again I’m sure you spend time worrying whether what you write will be worthy too before you finally click the post button. Because you take the chance, we all have something worth reading after all.

  31. I’ve been following the thread and that’s part of why I have my suspicions regarding his status as a troll. The response in which he lists off the resume sections does seem to imply that it was his own resume and not his father’s. There was some confusing bits in there that left one unclear on just whom we’re speaking to. That raises some red flags for me.

    But hey, if you guys are getting something out of the conversation then far be it for me to shut it down. grin

  32. attettion les:
    Hello- I tried my best to make my dads resume for him, that one was the first draft. I can assure you i dont appriacte you calling me a troll. I must say, i just, please dont call me that. I am writing and posting these messages by myself w/out any help. Please do not call me a troll.

  33. Attention Brock:
    Hello and i would like to say thank you for the support. I try my best to not base my opinion emotionally, but it kind of gets in the way. Its just that i feel bad for my dad and he looks like he always suffering w/problems evry day. Nothing ever seems to go right for him. Thanx
    Ps- Whoose DB?


    It’s the ho’s customer that’s breaking up the family. 

    Check the “Kent Hovind” thread to find out what DB’s like.

    Brandi, I see your pov.  I would have said the SAME before I got to join the unemployed.  When I hear people out of work playing the victim part, that shit irritates me too.  I read your comment as a “Get a job, bum” thing.  Which irritates me when people do that, b/c they are often speaking from ignorance of the situation.  To them, all computer related jobs are the same.  I’ll try to shut up about it now.  Unless we need to take it to the forum, being off topic and all… smile

    I paid for my state DNC and since Texas dereg’d power, I signed (and paid) to be on that DNC list, too.  Wrote letters to the DMA, told marketers to put me on their DNC lists – at least, those who didn’t hang up the INSTANT I said “No thanks”, before I could say “Please put this number on your do not call list”.  They must teach them that so they can call you again.  It’s worked, we get a LOT less calls now, but I did have to spend time and money to get to this point.

    It amazes me that telemarketers don’t want a list of people who don’t want to speak to you.  It would seem to make things easier for the callers, since the people most likely to be rude to a caller will sign up for the list.

  35. DB is (was?) a regular poster here who gained fame (and Les’ enmity) first by turning an entry about The Matrix into a lively debate about Christianity. (Though in hindsight it might not have been as inappropriate to post those thoughts in a Matrix related entry as I originally thought.) Look on the left side of the main page for the “Most Commented” section and click on “oh by the way”. DB started out as “Dr. B” then switched to just “DB”. (dig intended to DB. *smile*)

    You’re welcome Daniel. I get more meaning than you may realize from your posts. Be careful though to read respondents posts twice before you reply. At least a couple of times you seem to have misunderstood what the person was actually saying. If I’m gonna defend you, you have to work with me.

    I got confused when you said (or I’m assuming it was you) “Well there you go, theres my experience”
    If you were speaking for your dad the entire time then I was right to defend you. If your dad wrote some of the entries then I may have to take him to task for grammatical and spelling mistakes. If you have written all of the posts entirely then I have to say again that you are doing a good job for a 14 year old of composing your thoughts and addressing counter arguments. Still, if you were an adult who dealt with the world head on and paid for your own phone line, you would understand better why we say telemarketing is not an acceptable method for promoting products or services. Your dad may be excellent at what he does but as soon as he chooses telemarketing as a method for promotion he runs the risk of displeasing the recipients of his calls.

    Still I wish you both the best as I know that jobs are much harder to find these days. A good paying job with benefits that allows one to feel good about their livelihood is even more rare. Some are lucky like Ken Lay of Enron, as you mentioned, who doesn’t consider feeling good about your job as a prerequisite to an opportunistic position. When you are a close friend of the president’s you can really succeed in life. You’ve just got to be willing to be an accessory to murder.

    It’s too bad you can’t vote yet as I am certain you wouldn’t give your vote to Bush. That alone allows me to forgive you for having a “telemarketing dad”. *grin*

  36. Daniel, you seem to be forgetting that this is my website which I set up to be able to post my opinions. If, in my opinion, I think you’re acting like a troll then I’m going to say that I think you’re a troll. You are welcome to debate my opinion, but don’t tell me not to speak my mind on my own website. I don’t tell other people not to speak their minds here so I don’t expect to be told not to speak my own mind here.

  37. Attention les-
    Hello, i did not tell you not to call me a troll, I asked you nicely not to call me a troll. I understand thats its your opinoin, but once again, Please dont call me a troll. Thank you

  38. Hello- I tried my best to make my dads resume for him, that one was the first draft.

    For him? First draft? Where’s the final draft? I thought people who had been looking for work for months would have gotten their resume together post-haste. Responsible adults looking for upper management level employment do not have their 14 year old kids working on their resume. That’s ridiculous.

    And if he has been beating the streets looking for gainful employment (100+ applications?), that resume should have been squeaky clean and tight for months now.

    I hope what you mean is that you don’t actually have access to your Dad’s resume and you tried your best to recreate what you knew about it for our benefit. But you made it sound as if you, a 14 year old, have actually been working on the development of his resume…and it’s not DONE yet?

  39. Well now that they can not call us to sell us.  Guess what back to door to door sales.  Oh Gosh thanks Bush now instead of just hanging up I got to slam the door in thier face.  Boy that made things better HUH!!!

  40. Going door to door is much more difficult and time consuming. I don’t really see it making a comeback and even nearing the level of aggravation that telemarketing has reached.

    I’ll take my chances with the DNC list. But just in case, I’ll have my “no soliciting, this means you” door sign ready.

  41. Hey everyone. im back. i moved. hey bradi, i noticed how you seem to be quite mean. I think you have to work out a few problems within yourself. What are you, like 50. Stop going on this site and use your precious time more wisely. Like i noticed in your other posts, you said u get paid for your precious time alot of money, so u must be broke because last time i talked to you u seem to have posted a remark within 5 minutes of every post i made. Brandi, i want my dad to telemarket you, mabe we’ll make a dollar. lol
    see ya latr every 1

  42. What is it with people calling me mean (or bitter) these last few days? Once from someone who wants to DENY rights to certain people, and again from someone who wants to infringe on other people’s rights. Interesting.

    Daniel, please don’t concern yourself with my financial state or how I choose to spend my time. Through the use of multiple computers, I can sit like a vulture waiting for assinine comments to appear while simultaneously making plenty of money. What a life.

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