Yep, it’s gonna be one of those Mondays.

Didn’t sleep well last night for reasons I’m not entirely sure of. Not like I wasn’t tired enough. Dragged ass all morning trying to get ready for work and ended up getting out the door late. Just in time for the tail edge of that storm that’s whomping the east coast right now to start laying a little light powder down on I-94. Nothing major, nothing compared to what the rest of the east coast is getting at least.

But still enough to allow some slob to slide into my rear bumper this morning while sitting in the congested on-ramp from I-275 to I-94. I’m in the middle lane which means trying to get someone to let us over to the shoulder so we can check the damage done. Someone finally was kind enough to let us move after about 3 dozen people blithely ignored the turn signals we both had on and got out of the car to find that not much damaged happened. My bumper was already damaged from a minor encounter with a small loading dock cement wall at work a few weeks back that I managed to back into thanks to a beautiful sunset blinding me as I was leaving work. The guy who hit me this morning couldn’t have been going more than 4 or 5 miles per hour at the time so even though my bumper is slightly more damaged than it was, it wasn’t enough to get upset about or bother waiting around for the police over. There was no damage to his front bumper whatsoever and I was already running late so I let him off the hook.

It did cross my mind that it would’ve been a good way to get insurance to pay for fixing my bumper without raising my insurance rates, but my damned scruples got in the way of that line of thinking almost immediately. Oh well. The day has improved slightly since I got to work, but I’m still in a bit of a fog. Not sure if it’s just me being overly tired or if I’m still rattled from the game of traffic tag. Time for lunch.

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