Where does the time go?

Man I’ve been busy lately. I’ve had about a half-dozen things I wanted to blog about recently and there’s still at least one more comment from one of my nut-case commenter’s who claims to be able to talk to dead people that I’ve been meaning to respond to, but it just seems like I keep running out of time.

Work has been particularly busy lately so the one or two entries I try to get in while doing the Tech Support thing have had to be set aside due to lack of time. Then after work there’s been appointments to keep or Anne was busy trying to sleep cause she’s not been feeling well so I don’t wanna sit here typing cause I’ll just wake her up. Bad enough I try to get a little PC gaming in when she’s trying to cut some Z’s. Just one more reason for us to try and get a house soon. Shitty little two bedroom apartments don’t leave much room for three people to each have their own ‘puters.  Anne and I have ours in our bedroom because I spend a lot of time on mine and all my shootin’ and cussin’ in my games would get in the way of people trying to watch TV in the living room. Not to mention listening to whatever sappy kid’s show is on the Disney channel (Courtney, at 12, still watches a lot of Disney crap) while trying to shoot Nazis would just… suck.

So in trying to be considerate and trying to keep to my commitments I’m short on time. Which means that this Sunday will probably see a flurry of posts as that seems to be a growing trend with me.

1 thought on “Where does the time go?

  1. Eh, my 12 (soon to be 13) year old daughter still watches that Disney crap. You could have it worse, though. Mine forces me to watch American Idol with her. Bonding is torture sometimes.

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