What price for the life of a son?

Bill’s family held a press conference about their upcoming lawsuit over Bill’s death and the folks over at Channel 7 News—WXYZ-TV have a transcript and a video clip on their site. I was surprised to see that none other than Geoffrey Fieger has signed on to be the family’s attorney. Folks outside of Michigan may recognize his name from his time defending Jack Kervorkian. People either love or hate Fieger, but the man does tend to win cases. The other big surprise? They’re asking for $250 million. Wow.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger is putting a quarter of a billion dollar price tag on the lawsuit. He says it’s intended to send a message that police agencies must control what he calls the reckless conduct of their officers.

Owen’s family is suing Seiko and the city of Dearborn for $250 million. They say Seiko was wrong and the city was wrong to ever put a parking ticket officer in a patrol car.

“Though I’m quite certain it was against the rules, I’m quite certain that he hasn’t been trained. I’m quite certain that he’s not permitted to engage in this behavior, I’m also quite certain that he is not doing so completely without the knowledge of other police officers or supervisors. In other words, he wasn’t just some renegade, he was in a police car. What’s he even doing in a police car in that location?” Fieger said.

I don’t expect they’ll actually get that much, the case will probably be settled before it ever gets to trial, but I do think there should be some decent amount of compensation for Bill’s family.

3 thoughts on “What price for the life of a son?

  1. Hey Les, I didn’t know what to say about your friends passing. I am saddened by this and angry that the officer acted without permission. I hope the family gets every penny and that ahole never becomes an officer.

  2. There isn’t enough money in the world to replace Bill, but we know money makes the world go round and if this what it takes to stop such horrible losses from occuring I say go Fieger!

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