Vatican gives “Harry Potter” two thumbs up.

In a move that shows that the Catholic Church is at least smarter than more Evangelical Christian denominations, Yahoo! News reports that Vatican Gives Two Thumbs Up to ‘Potter’.

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican is giving two thumbs up to the Harry Potter series.

The good vs. evil plot lines of the best-selling books are imbued with Christian morals, the Rev. Don Peter Fleetwood told a Vatican news conference Monday.

“I don’t see any, any problems in the Harry Potter series,” Fleetwood said.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in this room who grew up without fairies, magic and angels in their imaginary world,” said Fleetwood, who is British. “They aren’t bad. They aren’t serving as a banner for an anti-Christian ideology.

“If I have understood well the intentions of Harry Potter’s author, they help children to see the difference between good and evil,” said Fleetwood. “And she is very clear on this.”

He said British author J.K. Rowling was “Christian by conviction, is Christian in her mode of living, even in her way of writing.”

It’s refreshing to see a major Christian denomination recognize good fantasy literature for what it is and not try to demonize it as teaching something it isn’t simply because it’s popular with the kids. The Catholics still have a lot of other issues they need to work toward improving their stance on, but at least they’re in the lead on this one.

2 thoughts on “Vatican gives “Harry Potter” two thumbs up.

  1. The Catholic Church has some history of not just accepting, but even producing fantasy work in the past. After all, the founder of modern fantasy writing, JRR Tolkien, was himself a deeply devout Catholic, and some of his closest colleagues (like CS Lewis) were Catholic in all but name. This bit of news on the Rowling series may be refreshing, but it should hardly be viewed as surprising.

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