Trailer for THE CORE pulled due to shuttle accident.

Saw over at Ain’t It Cool News that the trailer for the upcoming already-looks-so-stupid-I-can’t-stand-it sci-fi schlock movie The Core has been pulled from theaters because it shows a space shuttle being destroyed during a landing.

On the one hand I can understand the desire to be sensitive in the face of tragedy, but on the other this still seems like going a bit too far.

4 thoughts on “Trailer for THE CORE pulled due to shuttle accident.

  1. What?  How about we take the entire american public and leave them in a crib?  Dunno – why must be try to coddle people whenever a disaster happens?

  2. Yeah it’s kind of funny that when the “president” wants us to gird ourselves for war we are strong righteous Americans but when a disaster strikes we are a bunch of emotionally crippled porcelain dolls. Screw that crap! What are we? A nation of goddamn drama queens?

    The shuttle disaster was a true tragedy, so was the Trade Center, but a worse tragedy would be to let these things paralyze us with fear and grief. I am moving on…those of you who want to come, get on your feet.

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