Reflections from others.

I wanted to link to a few of the comments others have said about Bill. Though the number of people who know Bill and who maintain a blog like mine is relatively small, what they had to say was very moving.

My wonderful wife who has been so supportive of me in this tragic situation put up two commentaries so far that reflect her thoughts on Bill’s passing. The first is Good Bye, Sweet Prince… and the second is titled Bill… I’m thinking of you….

My sister knew Bill for as long as I did and he was as much a brother to her as he was to me. Her entry is titled He Was My Hero and it tells a story about Bill that goes a long way toward showing the kind of good person he was. The story she relates is one I wasn’t even aware of myself and it amazed me.

My very dear friend Miri whom I convinced to start running her own blog has a couple of small entries on this subject. The first titled simply Sad News talks of her reaction to my late night phone call to tell her what happened. The second called “Tribute” talks about the photo memorial I’ve been building for Bill and the importance of letting friends and family take your picture once in awhile.

Lastly, I’m told often by those who read my blog that I have a way with words. Folks who have been by my sister’s blog also say that she has a very unique way with words. We have one person in this world to thank for these talents and that would be my mother who has always amazed me with her ability to communicate so much with so few words and often in prose. The following poem is one she shared with us on her memories of Bill.

Words do not come easy when twenty years are lost.
Boyhood into manhood bridges that are crossed.
Abruptly interrupted, suddenly he’s not here.
I wasn’t close but that doesn’t stop the tears.

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  1. I have a little story that I’d like to share about Bill…it just happened last Friday, but is one of my favorite stories.

    Bill was one of those people who liked things the way he liked them. At our weekly Friday lunches, he was always asking for either milk or if they didn’t have that, would settle for half lemonade/half tea.

    Last week, Bill was moving into his apartment, and the waitress who always takes care of us came over and asked us “Where’s the pest” because she had milk for him. It absolutely broke up the table.

    I was only knew him for a year or so…but my life was enriched for knowing him—and I grieve his passing.

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