Now I’m pissed.

The Dearborn police held a press conference on the accident which killed my friend Bill Owen at 6:30PM this evening. I watched the news report on it on the 7PM local news.

Turns out the officer in the vehicle that hit Bill’s was a parking ordinance officer who never would have been called into a chase in the first place. This officer ran a red light with his lights going, but no siren. Officials with the Dearborn PD have said that they have no clue what the hell this guy was thinking or why he was even trying to get involved as he had no business doing so. He’s been suspended without pay and has secured himself a lawyer and is refusing to answer any police questions at this time. They expect the investigation into the accident to take another three weeks. I’ve lost one of my best friends because some fuck-up felt his badge gave him the right to get involved in things he was not supposed to be involved in.

Thanks asshole.

The damage you’ve caused goes beyond the loss of one anonymous life that you didn’t have a clue existed until you drove your police vehicle into it. You’ve affected the lives of everyone who loved Bill and left holes in many of us that even your eventual conviction for manslaughter may not fill. All because you had too much fucking testosterone in your coffee last night and had to try and play the hero. It was one thing when I could think that it was a sad accident that happened while an officer was trying to carry out his duties, but now that I know it wasn’t your duty in the first place and even your own superiors don’t have a clue what was going through your brain at the time I… I can’t begin to describe how incredibly angry I am.

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  1. I’m not one to get involved in other’s affairs but these things do happen.  And unfortunately they happen to the best of people.  A cop with an itchy trigger finger killed a neighbor of mine after they smashed down the door to his house.  A call about a break in lead the police to my neighborhood, but they entered the wrong house, my neighbor’s house.  What’s more, the robber, one house down, got away.

    I don’t think that any retibution can take away the pain that you feel.  They have taken away something from you. And its a void not easily filled.

    Mourn your friend, help other’s and yourself through this tough time.  Just don’t become too bitter, its not good for ya.

  2. This won’t make me bitter, though it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m just angry. Before it just hurt. Now it hurts and burns at the same time.

    Deep down I know that over time the pain will fade and life will go on and things will get better, but it’s going to take awhile. In the meantime it’s best I say what I feel and get it out instead of keeping it all inside where it’ll just do more damage.

  3. I’m very sorry for your loss. . .I came across your page looking for something else, and your loss is tragic, sad and senseless. Parking pigs are the worst of all pigs, and should be ground up and fed to the depleting populations of sharks in the Pacific, or perhaps just cut open and fed to them still alive. All they do is hassle taxpayers. I wouldn’t piss on one if he/she was on FIRE.

    May the pig that killed your friend be convicted and put in prison with a really mean, ugly bastard, with bad breath, that will savagely butfuck him to death over his 18 to 20 year sentence.

  4. I am so sorry. Ijust read your other page, and it’s so wierd that in like 3seconds, you can go from sad to mad!  😡

  5. I’ve lost a fair number of people, and some of them at the hands of other people.  Each loss of human life has its own very unique consequences, from work to friends to family to pets.  I’ve always been amazed out how a person’s life can be wrapped up material-wise in a matter of days, if not hours, while the relationship entaglements take years, if not whole lifetimes to settle.  Death, especially here in DisneyLand, goes against almost everything we’re taught as humans and (erroneously) insist on celebrating as a culture.  That warped mentality sure doesn’t make it any easier or a more sane process for those left behind after death happens.

    In the past i’ve been pretty hate-filled over some of these deaths.  One, imparticular, even motivated me to change my life in dramatic, life-changing ways.  At the time i endevoured to not only teach them the consequences of what they had done, but to dedicate my remaining life to making such a murder as impossible as i possibly could.  I dedicated my life to this.  As a result, my place of residence, work, and family have all changed.  While i still do what i do, live where i live, etc. and happily so, i (slowly) learned that the my originally motivating hate (and anger) was useless, and extremely counterproductive to this aim.

    If you want to change things, you must leave your emotions behind, regardless of how justified they might be.

  6. No decapitations. Just probation. He got two years probation and 200 hours of community service. Not that a capital punishment would’ve been appropriate, but a little jail time would have in my mind.

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