North Korea threatens U.S. with possible first strike.

This story out of the Guardian Unlimited speaks for itself:

North Korea is entitled to launch a pre-emptive strike against the US rather than wait until the American military have finished with Iraq, the North’s foreign ministry told the Guardian yesterday.

Warning that the current nuclear crisis is worse than that in 1994, when the peninsula stood on the brink of oblivion, a ministry spokesman called on Britain to use its influence with Washington to avert war.

“The United States says that after Iraq, we are next”, said the deputy director Ri Pyong-gap, “but we have our own countermeasures. Pre-emptive attacks are not the exclusive right of the US.”

So the guys in North Korea are basically just spoiling for a fight and yet Iraq is still considered a bigger threat? Sure, Iraq has said it’ll win any war we start with it, but they’re not actually stupid enough to declare that they reserve the right to throw the first punch. Or that they’ll definitely use nukes if they do take the first swing.

It really does make you wonder just what it is about Iraq that has this administrations panties all in a bunch.

5 thoughts on “North Korea threatens U.S. with possible first strike.

  1. I know! It’s because of the criticism daddy got when he didn’t finish the job back during the Gulf War. Or MAYBE it’s because we know for a fact that North Korea has the means to defend itself and Iraq is the 72 lb weakling at the beach and the U.S. can kick sand in it’s face.

  2. What Eric Paulsen said.
    We’re just gonna fight easy wars.  Iraq is no match for us, and there are others far more dangerous to our National Security.

    On the Ivory Coast, people are painting their faces with American flags, with signs saying “U.S. HELP US!!!”… but we’ll ignore them too.  Watch.  We gotta liberate the Iraqui oil people from the hands of a “madman” first.

  3. Hey,
      I think that there may be one otther reason to the other two. OIL, that’s what it’s really about is the oil. If we win this thing with Iraq, then what happens to the oil? Well, mr. white president is just gonna sit on his rebublican butt ( no offense to rebublicans ^.^ ) and say, “Well, …you give us your oil, will stop kicking your ass. Agreed?” I dunno, but thats what i think is going to happen. And then the koreans will decide to try and kick our ass, and we’ll be too spent to fight back.if anyone agrees, please write to me.

  4. You guys don’t get it! Although it will only be fair, fighting against North Korea, wilhurt other countries, more that you think! Once the US attacks, North Korea can point missles at other countries threatening to bomb them, unless the US stops. And what about South Korea? If you were separated from your family, would it not be painful, never seeing them for about 50 years? You can call me a coward if you’d like, but if you have something to lose from this, like alot of family members who could be drafted but is just starting a life, here in America,would you try your best to keep the people you love most, alive? Or would you be the fearless American, and watch them die?

  5. You probably did not pick up on my sarcasm but my point was that if the Bush administration felt compelled to attack Iraq for supposed “weapons of Mass Destruction” that there is a belligerent country that HAS just such a weapon. One that developed it in violation of a 1994 agreement known as the Agreed Framework.

    I did not want to see our country invade Iraq so of course I am not stumping for another war in Korea, but of the two countries Korea has actually admitted to having a WOMD and it has been verified. Seems odd then that we “believe” that Iraq is the bigger threat. My point was that Bush Co. invaded Iraq because they felt it would prove to be an easier target.

    Want to be a patriot? Impeach Bush!

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