New item at Stupid Evil Stuff.

As you can imagine from my suave demeanor and cool intellect I am very popular with the ladies. As a result there has been a clamor from my female fans for a T-Shirt they could wear that would proclaim for all the world to see just how big a fan they really are. My humility and natural tendency toward being humble under the intense spotlight of celebrity status has previously kept me from offering such a shamelessly self-promotional item, but the long letters threatening gory suicide if I didn’t come up with something soon convinced me that I should reconsider.

As such, I am proud to present the official Stupid Evil Bastard Groupie T-Shirt! Crisis averted. My work here is done.

7 thoughts on “New item at Stupid Evil Stuff.

  1. … *opens mouth, tries to think of something to say to that, and comes up blank* …

    I got nothing.

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