MovableType 2.6 is now out.

If you’re running MT on your own blog you’ll want to rush to the MT homepage and download the latest and greatest version. I’ve upgraded my installation here at SEB, but haven’t had a chance to look at some of the new goodies it offers.

Looks like a MovableType Pro version is due to be released later this summer that will offer some of the extras I’ve been wanting in MT such as a user registration system. I’ve been playing around with some other open source CMS systems because MT is lacking some of the extras that I want that those CMS systems offer, but the templating system for them is such a pain that making the switch isn’t an easy choice. MT’s big strength is that it’s easy to design custom layouts for it that don’t all look exactly the same. No word on what the Pro version will cost and that’ll be a big factor in if I stay with MT, but I may hold out long enough to see what the details are and what pricing they are looking at.

Anyway, I’m off to explore the new version of MT further.

3 thoughts on “MovableType 2.6 is now out.

  1. Lemme know how it is. I’m trying to convince Kim we need to upgrade—she’s the one who does the leg-work, and doesn’t want to. smile

    Me, I am just an egg.

  2. So far so good. Just got it installed this morning and haven’t really used any of the new features yet. I did download and install Brad Choate’s MT-Textile plug-in to make it a little easier for my wife and sister to add text formatting to their entries, but haven’t had a chance to test that yet.

    One problem I did note right off the back is that I’m getting a 500 Internal Error if I try to do a manual rebuild of the entire site. Not sure why yet as I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it this morning. But posting entries still works OK so I’m not complaining.

  3. Follow-up: I’ve narrowed the problems I’m having with Brad’s plug-in to trying to use it with the Comments. Something in my comments archive is funky enough it causes the Textile plug-in to croak when doing an individual archives rebuild. So, as near as I can tell, MT 2.6 is solid and whatever issue I’m having isn’t with MT per se. Probably not with Textile either. Just something screwy in my archives. Working with Brad and Ben on figuring it out.

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