Homestar Runner Switch Ad.


In continuing the trend of silly parodies of Apple’s “Switch” ads we present the following Switch ad promoting Homestar Runner.

If you’ve not been by Homestar Runner’s website and you’re in need of a good laugh and can appreciate stupid humor then you should go check it out. I particularly enjoy Strong Bad’s emails.

19 thoughts on “Homestar Runner Switch Ad.

  1. I really like Homestar Runner, but my favorite people have to be the cheat, Strong Sad, and Last but definetley not least, Homsar.  You guys REally need to check out Strong Bad’s Emails if you dont know what they are.  Butr you probably do.  Because most people go on for the emails, not for the toons.  But I like the toons just as fucking much.  Fuck you guys, I love you.

  2. I love it is the best site.  It has so many easter eggs and hidden things.  I remember playing Adventure when I was a little kid.  Now that I think about it… Those dragons did look like freakin’ ducks….

  3. rocks. Trogdor is the best!!!
    They are so cool!

    “burninating the country side, burninating the peasents, TROGDOR”
              – strongbad

  4. I didn’t even know, the first time I played Adventure, that those things WERE dragons. Now when I play it on my emulator, I constantly find myself thinking aloud “Somebody get this freakin’ duck away from me!” Good times.

    Anyway, I absoultely LOVE It’s my top favorite site, and even though I’ve checked out all the archived stuff by now, I’m sure I missed a few hidden Easter eggs. And the stuff is so great, that even after you’ve found everything, and seen all the toons and Strong Bad e-mails, you’ll want to do it all again and again. Homestar and the gang reign supreme.

    “Homestar Runner.Net….‘It’s Dot Com’” -Homestar

  5. Haha there’s an easter egg in the trogdor cartoon. when strong mad is carving the desk click on the ‘r’ in dagron.
    homsar rules!

  6. I totally love!! It’s freakin’ awesome, man! My best guy friend told me about it, and I wish he’d told me sooner.  I was wondering if anyone would help me find some of those darn easter eggs…. I’m sooo stupid(I have crap for brains…) and I’ve only found like two. Please:( Cause I love the site and I’m looking at it so much I’m running out of things to look at(not that it ever gets old, you just need to freshen it up.).

  7. HOMSAR IS A HOT FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!! and i love how strong bad calls the cheat. “COME HERE DA CHEAT” heh heh heh good old homestar runner

  8. is there anything better than “It was the pride of the peaches” or “I’m a song from the sixties” or my favorite of all time – “I was raised by a cup of coffee”. HOMSAR 4 PRESIDENT!!!

  9. Homsar needs to have his own adventure.  I love the new character profile for him.  “I put my best foot flowered.”  Can’t get enough of that Homsar.  Oh, and the other characters are good too I guess.

  10. Hey homsar!!
      What do you think of Justin Timberlake?He’s so hot!! Homsar for President!!!!!!

  11. Hey all you homestar fans out there! My fav character is probaly homsar, “i was raised by a cup of coffee” haha. anyone who has a problem with homestar email me we will have a little chat.
    ps. local band supporters head over to

  12. Man, who do you guys think you are, trying to pretend to be me? I mean, I knew you had crap for brains, but even your crap for brains has crap for brains. Hello, and welcome to I’m a big moron who can’t remember his! seriously, go to i, Strong Bad, made up that freakin website for codes and crap like that for your crappy brains. Crap!

  13. The easter eggs in the e-mails are easy to find usually. Wait till the end of the email and sometimes they do a little extra after a few minutes “the never ending soooodaaaaaa” or move your mouse around on objects or words on strongbads screen (light switch rave).

  14. you can also press the tab button over and over during the cartoons and eggs will highlight if there are any. there is still some eggs that can’t be found that way (i.e. pressing ‘L’ durring Fluffy PUff Marshmallow commericial) and the Konami code in Trogdor.. oh well… a site will come along eventually. … here’s one, but it hasn’t been updated in a while. smile

    i’m a song from the sixteeees…
    the cxaptain of the gravy train…
    the original ladies man
    i was raised by a cup of cofeeeee

  16. i found an SB homepage easter egg!!!
    i forgot where it was……..
    i think you have to go to the cheats cartoon page……no,no thats not it………
    i’ll notify you guys when i find it.

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