Dumbass spends $5,400 on ‘magic’ wands, thinks she might have been scammed.

Every now and then I’ll get an email from someone asking me why I’m so skeptical and negative on the idea of psychic ability or mediums talking to the dead or anything along those lines. Usually the person will write something along the lines of “what’s the harm in believing in stuff like that?”

The harm is it makes you credulous and easily manipulated. Which is a nice way of saying “It makes you stupider than sheep after a lobotomy.” Take for example this story out of New Jersey: Magic wands make cash disappear.

BETHLEHEM—Joann Zansky believed it when the psychic told her the magic wands were blessed by nine priests and were supposed to remove negative thoughts.

But four months and $5,400 later, Zansky thinks she may have been swindled.

Gee, you think? Shame it cost her five grand to learn that psychics are phonies, but then some people spend way more than that and never manage to figure it out so I guess she’s lucky.

The 57-year-old West Easton woman said she paid out the money to the psychic between October 2002 and this month. But she became suspicious about the effectiveness of the wands and told her sister, who recommended she report the matter to authorities.

Zansky went to the Bethlehem Police Department with her sister Friday to file the report. The matter was referred to investigators, but they said Monday they are unsure if the matter would warrant any criminal charges against the psychic.

“We’re investigating,” Bethlehem Police Lt. Robert Righi of the criminal investigations unit said Monday. “Possibly it is some violation of consumer fraud.” The state attorney general’s office will be contacted to look into the matter, Righi said.

Which shows you even the police in Bethlehem aren’t smart enough to recognize fraud when they see it. Possibly? It’s definitely fraud.

The police report says Peaches Miller convinced Zansky to buy the first wand sometime in the fall because it would help her get rid of her “negative thoughts.”

She gave Peaches Miller cash for the $1,800 wand, the report says.

Zansky purchased the second wand with cash sometime in the fall after Miller suggested that the wand would help Zansky’s nephew with his problems, the report says.

On Jan. 13, Miller contacted Zansky regarding a dream she had about Zansky’s mother, who had passed away 33 years ago, the report says. Miller told Zansky that she needed to buy a third wand and a 6-foot candle to help her mother “get out of limbo and go to heaven,” the report says.

Zansky paid for the wand with a check, but told Miller she didn’t have any more money to pay for the 6-foot candle, the report says. The third wand has not yet been delivered, the report says.

Zansky said she became suspicious when Miller sold her the third wand. She said she now realizes she was deceived into buying the wands.

You’d think that $1,800 for a wand just to get rid of negative thoughts would have been the first clue that she was being scammed, but it took two more wands before she realized. That first wand might have helped if she had used it to beat some sense into her own head when she got it.

“She was a terrific actress,” Zansky said. “I believed her.”

Zansky said she bought the second and third wands out of concern for her nephew and mother.

“I can’t explain why I did this,” she said. “I’m a very co-dependent person and I worry about everyone else before myself. I guess that’s why I did it.”

It probably doesn’t help that you’re a dumbass who buys into whatever random nonsense someone tries to sell you on either. This woman is a perfect example of why I rant and rave about people buying into the idea of psychic ability and people talking to the dead or analyzing your dreams or whatever the hell else is popular at the moment. It’s bad enough people get religion and believe in an old guy sitting on a cloud answering wishes all day long let alone that Joe Craptastic can speak to their dead Uncle Louie.

Don’t tell me atheists don’t have any morals. If I didn’t have any morals I wouldn’t be here pointing out what idiots you people make of yourselves. I’d be one of the people telling you your Uncle Louie is doing just fine and that you can talk to him yourself with this magic wand I have to sell for a mere $1,800. Small unmarked bills only, please. No refunds.

6 thoughts on “Dumbass spends $5,400 on ‘magic’ wands, thinks she might have been scammed.

  1. This is the kind of stuff that people are actually spending time and money on? Authorities are looking into this trash? No wonder there’s so much fucking crime in the world. People are being killed in corner stores for 50 bucks a pop, women and children are being raped. We got fucking priests with their hands up our children’s assholes, and the “authorities” are looking into the possible fraud that was committed while selling “magic mother fucking wands!” You know, this kind of stuff makes anarchy look pretty damn sweet at times.

  2. I don’t even know what to say about such stupidity.  I guess I kind of feel for people like that—they’ll be taken advantage of their entire life.  Where is personal responsibility in something like this, anyway??

  3. Faith is one thing. Everybody’s got to have faith in something. Stupidity- well, that’s another thing. Sheesh! And morality? Well, of course, it’s on a case-by-case basis. I believe in facts. And you’re right- actions speak louder than words- every time.

  4. I don’t know that everyone has to have faith in something, but most folks have faith in at least a few things. I have faith in a few things myself, but most of those things have given me good reason to have faith in them. In my life Santa Claus has given me more reason to have faith in his existence than any god has, yet he doesn’t exist.

    I honestly don’t care one way or the other if people want to believe in various gods or other mystical or supernatural beings if it makes them feel better. It does bother me, however, when their need to believe in this “other” thing ends up getting in the way of their rationality and common sense. My problem with the way most people practice religion is that they encourage a lack of critical thinking. Don’t question anything, it’s God’s will and you can’t possibly understand God. Just accept that what I am telling you is true and you should do as I say.

    This leads to events like the lady I talked about here. Or to priests getting away with molesting kids for decades.

    Assuming for the sake of argument for a moment that there is a god or gods out there, don’t you think they’d want you to use the brains they gave you? If they are so petty and self-centered that they can’t handle their followers even considering questioning some aspect of their religion then how worthy is that god of your worship?

    Believe in your god. Do what you think he/she/it wants you to do, but don’t allow someone else to convince you to abandon all rational thought in the process.

  5. Maybe she should try and use the Magic Wand to maybe try and get some sense….. because if she did that well…. she has no sense whatsoever

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