Cedar Point’s new toy.

For those of us in south-eastern Michigan the closest amusement park is Cedar Point. At least it is ever since they closed down Boblo Island.

As a result we tend to keep a close eye on what’s new at Cedar Point especially those of us with a love for roller coasters. CP has one of the largest collections of coasters around and they’re always vying to have the biggest, fastest, tallest monstrosity money can buy. The pics on the right are of their latest entry called the Top Thrill Dragster. This puppy looks like it won’t disappoint as it tops out at a height of 420 feet (42 stories) with a top speed of 120 MPH. Almost as fast as some people drive on Michigan freeways! This will be Cedar Point’s 16th roller coaster ensuring that a lot of people will be headed their way come this summer. Here’s some more stats from their website:

Cedar Point amusement park/resort will stun thrill-seekers in 2003 with the debut of the park’s unprecedented 16th, yes, 16th roller coaster – Top Thrill Dragster. Reaching a stratospheric 420 feet tall and topping out at an unheard of speed of 120 mph, this new steel screamer will help Cedar Point reclaim the title of owning the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the universe.

Riders will begin their epic journey aboard this whopping 42-story screamer by securing themselves into ultra-cool trains that resemble top fuel dragsters. The train will then move into a “starting line” position, where it will launch forward, reaching speeds of 120 mph in approximately four seconds.

But hold on this isn’t your father’s roller coaster. The train will then zoom straight up the 420-foot-tall hill on track that will rotate 90 degrees, crest the coaster’s apex and then free fall back to Earth, reaching a speed of 120 mph for the second time. As the train races more than 400 feet to the ground, the track will twist an unbelievable 270 degrees – what a rush! Riders will then return to the station to begin regaling their friends with stories of the greatest ride of their lives.

Oooooooh boy! If you want to see the computer animation for what the ride should be like, click here. Sad part is I still haven’t made it onto the last two big coasters they opened up. Looks like I’ll have to try and make it down there this year.

11 thoughts on “Cedar Point’s new toy.

  1. Wow! I hate riding roller coasters, if you can believe it, but love the Roller Coaster Tycoon games . . . that’s one sick looking ride!

  2. oh. my. gawd!! I love coasters!! that looks amazing. when you ride it, you simply must tell us how it is, that is, if you survive..lol

  3. That does look very cool, though the “dragster” theme (and the commercial for it) is kind of lame..maybe just to highlight that the speed comes at the price of a 15 second ride.

    Of course, I’ll check it out anyway smile

  4. It is the most intense roller coaster I’ve ever been on!  You haven’t lived until you’ve ridden it!

  5. Well this ride looks awesome. But Cedar point is just getting pathetic now. They don’t have any more room to put coasters so they keep putting incomplete circuit coasters just so they can keep up with Magic mountain. its just getting pathetic. Magic mountain is in a dessert so they can put as many coasters as they want. But Cedar point is on a island. And they have ran out of room .Whats next building coasters over water. i mean cedar point is one of the best parks i have been to but look at their last two rides they are not a full circuit coaster. there is a point to coasters in a prak. i’d like to see a really awesome flat ride.

  6. I rode Top Thrill Dragster twice, because the first time is so unbelieveable.  It is the most intense ride ever.  The wait in line is completely worth it.

  7. I love riding coasters!That is definatly one coaster I would love to ride! I have never seen anything like it here in northern California,and we have Six Flags,and Paramounts Great America

  8. AAAAHHHHHH top thrill dragster was the coolest thing i’ve ever been on! me and my best friend joey went to cedar point in the summer of ‘03 and we rode TTD 4 times…all in the front row! it was the best time of my life! now that i’m back home, people think we’re losers because joey and i obsess over top thrill dragster and cedar point…but we tell them…“you would be obsessed too if you launched at 120 mph, went up 420 ft, then spiraled down at 270 degrees!!!!”

  9. LoL I don’t know how I came across this page, the last post was when I was 14, I’m 19 now.

    But when that guy above said 2 incomplete rollercoasters, he was wrong.

    Dragster is a complete track coaster. It comes back on a different end.

    Wicked Twister, even though not a complete track, a very fun ride, that too, set records.

    Now look, released in 2007 Maverick, a whole ‘lotte coaster and may be better than Millenium Force.

    Thanks, HaHa

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