Asshat parking ordinance officer’s lawyer speaks up.

I have to give the folks at Channel 7 credit for being all over the story about how my friend Bill died and the parking ordinance officer who caused his death.

MSP Says Officer Should Never Have Been Involved in Chase

Action News has learned new information about the parking control officer involved in a fatal crash in Dearborn. Investigators say he caused a deadly crash while responding to a chase he should never have been involved in. Now the officer’s lawyer is speaking out.

The Dearborn Acting Police Chief says he still does not understand why Argon “Gary” Seiko was responding to the chase situation. He was not called in. They have turned their dispatch tapes over to Michigan State Police. Plus, he said Seiko did not have the authority to respond on his own.

“They’re not authorized to use emergency equipment to respond to a run or a situation,” Acting Dearborn Police Chief Tim Strutz to Channel 7’s Mary Conway.

“He never has the authority to turn on his overhead and go through a red light?”

“The only situation that might occur is if he were assisting with a parade, something that was preplanned, shutting down an intersection, something like that.”

Seiko’s attorney says he is studying at Henry Ford Community College with hopes of becoming a police officer. While he will not comment on Seiko’s actions Monday night, Todd Flood says that Seiko is distraught over William Owen’s death.

“He is devastated and his parents are devastated because there’s one thing they are concerned about, and that’s the victim’s family. That’s the normal reaction, and right now they are saddened and crushed by the whole thing.”

I bet he’s not as crushed as Bill’s friends and family are. It’s great that he’s concerned about us, but how about an explanation? Let’s start with: What the fuck were you thinking? I’m sure we’d all love to sit down and listen to you explain your side of the story. Then maybe you can listen to why we feel you should be tried for manslaughter and locked up to think about your ill-considered actions for a few years. If there’s any justice in this world then this will at least be the end of your police career. We don’t need cops like you on the street.

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