Yes, yes, I know it sucks.

But my wife has been on me about taking down the Christmas layout I was using and I’ve been short on time. So we go for an ugly black and white layout until I’m suddenly hit with the inspiration needed to come up with something much more dazzling.

11 thoughts on “Yes, yes, I know it sucks.

  1. I wasn’t so much trolling as much as publicly fessing up to knowing it’s blindingly white. It was all I could come up with at the time, though.

    I promise to change it soon. Till then I’ll claim it represents the blinding light of enlightenment.

  2. Well the last person you should take redesign advice from is me – I’m STILL using the MT templates while I fix my redesign. 😀

  3. Wow – I like the mouseover effects on the links!  Very nice! 

    How about ya fix the ‘Remember Info’ thing too?  LOL j/k

  4. Yeah, I don’t recall which website I first saw that rollover effect on, but I thought it was cool and so I decided to see if I couldn’t figure out how to implement it myself. It only works in the more recent versions of Internet Explorer so everyone with Mozilla is wondering what the hell we’re talking about, but it’s cool none-the-less.

  5. Well, now the mouseover effects don’t look as good on the black background (with grey text)… Hmmm..  Looks great with white background!


    Actually, I love the black and white look! Very sleek. Very…basic.

    And, yeah….those mouseovers are cool. Didn’t I mention that already?

  7. Did I mention the remember comments thing?

    Yeah. I know I did. But, I’m hoping if I REMIND you again, you’ll upgrade and get it fixed.

  8. I am working on the info thing. I’m pretty sure I understand what the problem is, just haven’t completely worked out how to fix it yet. I’m studying up on cookies between bouts of painful coughing and phlegm spitting. I promise I’ll have it fixed soon. grin

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