Yahoo Messenger the king of Porn Spam.

Is it just me? Or does it seem to anyone else like Yahoo Messenger is the reigning king of porn spam?

I have accounts on all four of the major IM clients these days. My primary is MSN Messenger mainly because it does the best job of striking a balance between privacy and open access. For ICQ, Yahoo, and AIM I rely on Trillian to connect. Invariably, I have to set Yahoo Messenger to ignore anyone who isn’t already part of my contact list because I will get spammed constantly by the same porn ads over and over again.

The spam itself consists of a message popping up with a random female name with a random number after it saying “Hi! (smilie face) Are you there?” To which any kind of response will result in an invitation to go see supposed pics of the female at some site thats linked in the message. It’s obvious it’s a bot and the randomness of both the name and the number after it ensures that simply blocking that individual account won’t prevent them from spamming you repeatedly in the future. The only option is to block messages from anyone not in your contact list which totally defeats the point in my mind. Once in a blue moon I’ll get a porn spam from my ICQ or AIM accounts, but those are rare enough it doesn’t bother me. I have yet to receive a single bit of porn spam from my MSN account. Because of this, I’ll only allow Courtney to have an MSN Messenger account. It’s bad enough that I have to put up with spam in my inbox, I don’t need it showing up in my instant messaging program too.

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  1. I was just talking with Brian Peace about my not having any chat programs; I was burned out from this sort of nonsense some time back, and vowed never to venture down that path again.

    I may change that again, soon, but we’ll see.

  2. thats why i dont use yahoo chat. i have it, but dont use it. it’s like every 10 seconds when its on some form of porn. nasty.

  3. It’s cyclical. I’m not sure how these people get away with violating the Yahoo TOS…(HA!)…but, they do it. At least twice a year I’m bombarded with shit like that.

    I keep hitting the ignore option….

  4. I think the new version of MsgPlus! handles the Messenger SPAM problem – Most of my SPAM comes via ICQ, and I haven’t gotten much Yahoo – just the opposite of you – odd.

    My only question is this, why is so much SPAM flying around?  Obviously people are buying Pasta Pots, visiting these adult web sites, and snapping all the mini-rc cars!?  Why else would it continue?  Oh wait… ‘There is a sucker born every minute’….

  5. Wow! I never had that happen before! I run AIM all day, as it is required as I work remotely, and I have never had anything weird like that happen!  That bites.

    Have you tried Mailwasher for your email? It ROCKS!

  6. To their credit I must say that I have never gotten any SPAM messages through AIM, but I don’t use it that much either. My Yahoo Messenger account, though, just gets tons if I don’t turn on the deny anyone not in my contact list option.

    Haven’t tried mailwasher, but I get surprisingly little SPAM in my email so I’m not too worried about that yet.

  7. OK … so I have just started getting some of this porn crap spam sh*t in MSN Messenger.

    I keep blocking everyone that is added to the conversation but it doesn’t seem to help.  The person who initiated the conversation is generally gone before I can block them.

    I did notice that the URL for the porn site had a number on the end and this generally means that it is an affiliate of that website and they track who to pay by the affiliate number.  I went to the website and got an email address (in this case it was the support@ email) and I sent an email telling them that I don’t want to receive this crap and that if it didn’t stop I would have to contact their upline ISP and complain to them.

    Whether or not this approach will work ???  I don’t know but it is worth a shot.  Maybe they will be able to add me to a database of people not to bother (yah …. right).

  8. I’m like you, spent a lot of time on yahoo chat and got tired of it, moved over to aol, even worse. Tried msn, but that just annoyed me.. Everytime I log on to yahoo chat now I get 100’s of stupid pop up things, got tired of it.  Would like to invite you to dreamland park though, not as many people as other chat places but there isn’t any crap going on in there.  if you want to take a look then go to  if not, i wish you luck in your search for decent chat. smile

  9. I’ve been getting porn spam on AIM for a few months now. It seems to come from ICQ users because when I warn the user the first time it takes it, but subsequent attempts tell me that I cannot warn ICQ users. Here’s the latest one I received a few minutes ago:

    irishgrl21f84 (11:45:30 AM): Whats up sexy? grin I just started up my webcam and was wondering if you wanted to come watch, its completely free, I work for donations grin.  click here to watch my LIVE webcam for FREE i’ll be waitin for ya with my pretty pink vibrator wink

    the “click here…” piece hyperlinks to:

    I can’t believe that AOL can’t stop this sort of abuse.

  10. I’m on Aol Instant Messenger.  I get some pop ups it’s not to bad.  But I do have pop up protection. What really annoys me is the fact that I try to have a normal decent conversation with a fairly intellegent person, which I thought chatting was all about, but can’t seem to find to many people serious about just chatting.  I’m sick of the same questions.  asl?  Bra Size? Have Pic?  Do you masterbate?  Wanna play?  ? I like older women.  And some of these people are in their teens as young as 15.  What is this world coming to? I try to find decent chat sites.  Haven’t found any so far.  What do I do?

  11. Yahoo Chat is full of spam porn bots .. Yes we all know that. Ok but we can do something about it. I happen to know that many of the people they work for have a zero spam tolerance policy. Yeah if they didnt make money with spam bots they would not do it duh… So I have found that many of the bots come from one guy. Yeah one guy and he works for  And they have a Zero tolerance on spam you can find him spaming the chat all day on all locations with popups to porn. So what you do is turn him into  and include a screenshot of it.. I have done it but I am only one person. Others need to as well.
    Here are some of his screen names


    to see one of them go here.

    The list is long but I posted a few you can look up as profiles and if you study the html you
    will find they all
    go to ifriends and here is his id there


    Yeah its funny that so many of the same bots come from the same guy. But they do.

    I can give you more IDs that all go to him.

    So why not check this out. See for yourself and when your in chat and you see a bot then now you have an idea who it belongs to. This one guy. Make a screenshot and check out the html in the profile link and when it pops up to ifriends then you look for his link. You can then email that to

    Look I cant be the first person to figure all this out. They will ban him from ever working with them again under any name what so ever.

    Email me if you want at yahoo. Yahoo seems to not care about the bots but I believe enough abuse mail to who they work for will make a difference
    So email me if you want I think this bot maker can be put to rest since ifrends pays the most
    to people for advertising for them.

    So dont just bitch about it.. Do something email when you see it going to ifriends … Its most likely acct acct=b2mbw2909us

    Thanks for reading.

  12. I am a computer reseller who is angry as well at the Yahoo Spam problem. I like to go on yahoo in my spare time, chat and perhaps pick up a client thru conversation. I told Yahoo I would never even consider a store with them after their carelessness with the spambot problem.  I don’t know if I will get a response-but they are aware that businesses and customers are being driven away-forever.

  13. AKA is very complacent
    when it comes to SPAM even with criminals that distribuite child porn!  I often report abusive spamvertized ( websites to yahoo and it takes them 1-2 weeks before they do anything and often they just ignore me.

    I report similar problems to MSN and I get an immediate response—even on weekends.

    I can imagine you will see the same problem with Yahoo’s IM versus MSN.


  14. Just Posting on FB about YahMess What a difference 20 years makes….And how seems like everyone thinks Video/Audio “Chat” is …New… “Teleconferencing” etc etc…Whatever…

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