Well, that’s one problem solved. Sort of.

I’ve been having trouble with my videocard not wanting to run any 3D games that use the Direct X API and I was at the point where I was thinking my card must have gotten partially zapped. Turns out the card is just fine it just doesn’t like the latest drivers from Nvidia. When I downgraded the drivers to the last official release from the folks at Hercules (version 21.89 I believe) it once again would run games using Direct X without issue. So, I’ve got my card back to full functionality again, but using drivers that are practically ancient.

My next step will be to contact the folks at both Hercules and Nvidia to see what might be done about this issue. Should be fun considering that they’re no longer officially partners. Oh well, at least it’s working.

1 thought on “Well, that’s one problem solved. Sort of.

  1. Cool. Now as long as everyone has the most current patches we finally got game!

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