Time to be creative…

Well, the holidays are over for another year. Suppose I should come up with some sort of new layout for the blog. Damned if that Santa hat picture didn’t come out perfect though. Should I stay with a black background or should I go back to white? What kind of color scheme? I’d make a lousy interior decorator.

3 thoughts on “Time to be creative…

  1. I prefer white background, myself, but that’s just me. I’m horrible at design, so I leave it to Kim.

    I did give her a pile of new GIFs for a redesign on my site; it’s going to be more whimsical, I think—Calvin and Hobbes animated ones. Not that the content will change . . . smile

  2. I’ve been debating not only how to go about making a new layout, but also possibly switching the script I use to run the backend of the site.

    MT isn’t a bad little script, but I’m seriously leaning toward something a little more CMS-ish that would allow for visitors to register on the site proper. I used to run PHPNuke for my anime related website a couple years back, but that seems a little overkill for a blog. PMachine seems to be the next best bet, but to get all of the features I’d have to pay for it and money’s a bit tight at the moment. Nothing out there seems to have as easy of a template system to use as MT, though.

    Ideally, I want to see the folks behind either Invision Board or PHPBB get around to developing a portal based on their message forum software. Both are supposed to be starting on said projects “soon”, but nothing has happened so far.

    Has anyone else heard of any new scripts on the horizon that look to take the blogging world by storm?

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