The advantages of being unpopular.

I’ve been following the drama that is this year’s Bloggies Awards with a mixture of gawker curiosity and mild amusement. What are the Bloggies? They’re sorta like the Academy Awards in that it’s a form of peer recognition that a lot of people make a big deal out of and that, this year at least, is being accused of being a rigged popularity contest that has been manipulated by the judges involved in it. It has inspired the sort of heated accusations and public sniping that would fit in well on any daytime soap opera or “reality” TV show.

I wasn’t nominated for any of the categories as far as I know, which is fine with me considering all the trouble the folks who were nominated seem to be going through over it. I didn’t expect to be nominated honestly. I have a pissant little blog with a small, but loyal, readership and I’m perfectly happy with that. I gave up worrying about my popularity back in high school. I’ve never been part of the popular crowd mainly because I’ve insisted on thinking for myself and not being afraid to say what I have to say even if it pisses people off at times. My group of friends that I hung out with came from all sorts of backgrounds. Some were from the popular group, some from the jocks, some from the outcasts, etcetera. A whole potpourri if you will. I can talk to anyone and I don’t tend to be easily intimidated by someone’s social status. My lack of respect for social boundaries often turns off particularly snobbish people in particular groups and thus ensures I remain not one of the in-crowd, whatever the in-crowd might happen to be. The title for my blog comes, in part, from the fact that I’ve been called one or more of those things in my time.

It doesn’t bother me. I try to be like a duck and just let it roll off my back as much as I can. Had I pursued a career in acting like I had originally wanted I’d be more Bruce Campbell than Tom Cruise, which I’d be fine with because I love Bruce Campbell and the kind of work he does.

I learned to decide for myself who I am and what I want to be a long time ago so something like being nominated for the Bloggies would be an honor, but it wouldn’t be anything I’d worry about. I especially wouldn’t take it upon myself to try and rig the contest. If I won, I’d be especially flattered, but it wouldn’t change how I run my site or what I say on it. Considering the firestorm of controversy and accusations and just plain mean-spirited back biting it has brought to some of the folks who have been nominated, well… I suppose it might be fun to actually be the center of controversy for once, but it’s probably a headache I don’t really need. I’d just end up pissing people off by having fun with it anyway. I’ve always said that if I ever did become famous I’d take all the fun out of the tabloids by fully admitting in as obviously sarcastic way as I could that everything they ever printed about me was totally true, plus I’d tack on some more totally unbelievable stuff to point out how ridiculous the rumors were.

So I’ll just sit here in my little corner of the web and watch the flame wars fly back and forth and wonder how I might turn it into some form of hugely popular aimed-at-the-lowest-common-denominator book or reality TV series and continue to write my pissant little posts and be pleased that someone actually comes by occasionally and reads them.

7 thoughts on “The advantages of being unpopular.

  1. I’m pretty much over it. I think I took the low road, but that happens from time to time. It’s a non event in my mind right now,right up there with the U.N. saying Saddam is playing nice.

  2. I wasn’t making accusations, I was simply pointing out facts and my own personal opinions.  When judges themselves come forward and admit what happened, I don’t see how there’s any sort of accusations.  I was nominated for one category (by my husband), so I really didn’t expect to get anywhere in the bloggies to begin with, and wasn’t too disappointed.  I’m more disappointed in the judges than anything else.

  3. I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone. I think there has been enough of that already. Along with hasty assumptions about why others did what they did and some good old fashioned jealousy to boot. All the ingredients you need for a highly rated reality TV show. A committee of FOX Network executives couldn’t have come up with a better premise. Who needs Joe Millionaire or The Mole when there’s entertainment like this flying around on the web?

    Did he or didn’t he conspire to rig the nominations? Did she leave because she found a convenient excuse? Should That One Website have been considered for nomination at all?!? Find out tonight on THE BLOGGIES on FOX!

  4. I tried to refrain from pointing fingers as well, unless what I blogged about could be verified at more than one source.  I think it’s most unfortunate what this year’s contestants have had to go through.  They will always be second-guessed because of the misguided and/or self-seeking actions of a few.

  5. Like I said to Chicky, I’m not necessarily pointing fingers at anyone. Don’t take whatever word I link to your site with as some sort of statement, it was just a convenient way to link to your article.

    I found your entry to be rather funny, hence the link.

  6. Well in that case, thankee.

    Last night wasn’t a good night, else I would’ve included a smile in that post. I wasn’t upset. I was just stating that I’m trying very very very hard to stay clear of ALL the hoopla involved. It is one big mother freakin’ mess. My entry was my way to acknowledge that and move on.

    Anyway, thanks for the link love. smile

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