So how about that latest worm to hit the Net, eh? Nasty bugger that attacks Microsoft’s SQL server software. Most people weren’t directly affected in the idea that it never touched their actual PC, but because of the flood of network traffic it caused whenever it did infect a server it ended up slowing the Internet in general down to a crawl. It’s also sending folks who work in the IT industry and who have Microsoft SQL server in their company into fits of panic. It’s made me feel like a freakin’ superhero. You can’t help it when your wakened by your pager going off to find a text message saying “NEED YOU AND YOUR TEAM AT ALPHA TO INSTALL SQL PATCH PER INSTRUCTIONS IN EMAIL!” The building I work in is called the Alpha Building, which is probably more info than I should divulge, but it’s kinda essential to this story.

Wow! They need me and my team! Where the hell did I put my Super Geek cape? I hope I remembered to wash my tights! Quick Geek Boy, to the GeekMobile, it’s the ALPHA SIGNAL!

Problem is, I don’t know of any MS SQL servers in our building. We have one or two people who have it installed for testing purposes, but those aren’t supposed to be hooked up as actual live servers. The other problem is that when I used VPN to connect to my work computer I couldn’t find any email with instructions on how to patch the servers against this worm if I could find any servers that actually had to be patched. A phone call to my co-worker revealed that he too had received the ALPHA SIGNAL and had tried to locate said email with no luck. He also tried calling, paging, and emailing both our boss and our boss’s boss and hadn’t received any reply after an hour or two. So I guess I won’t be needing my Geek Tights after all. Still, it was neat to feel like a superhero for a little bit.

6 thoughts on “TEAM ALPHA ARE GO!

  1. “Here they come, here comes Team Alpha…”

    Not much adaption to get a theme song going there ;-> (Granted, it’s not one of the spiffier ones; but give me a break. I’m still on my first cuppa.)

  2. Actually, that’s one of my favorite themes. I used to love Speed Racer when I was a kid. Trixie was a hottie!


    Thankfully our SQL server has been patched, and also protected via the nice firewall…  But even if you’re okay, the ISP, or backbones might not be, therefore not allowing people to connect to you.  My site was down Fri-Sat, but my host doesn’t use SQL (they’re all LINUX)…  the backbones however do – and when they’re down, you can’t connect to my site, it seems… or something like that… lol

  4. Then you’ve heard the song “Speed Racer” by Alpha Team…right? What am I saying…you’ve probably got the MP3 on your machine somewhere. ;->

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