Super what?

I just realized that next to no one will be reading my blog today because of that Sporting Event(TM) that’s supposed to be on TV at some point. Actually it was Cranky who reminded me of it when I stopped by his site.

I’m one of those unfortunate guys who was born without the Male Sports Gene. It’s a tragic condition that renders me completely unable to enjoy professional sports of any kind as well as a general lack of appreciation for beer. This condition also results in an unusually large Geek Gland.

Mind you I don’t mind playing sports myself. Though I’ve gotten to an age and physical condition where most of my sports playing is done with a PS2 controller in my hand, but I can’t seem to give a shit if the Pistons are winning the World Series or if the Lions have made it to the World Cup.

Okay, so I actually do know enough about sports to know that the Pistons play basketball and therefor wouldn’t end up in the World Series, which is baseball and the Lions play American football, but would probably have better luck competing in the World Cup. I just wanted to make sports fans groan a bit.

I love the commercials that air during the game today, but there’s just too much sports crap I have to wade through in order to see the commercials and they’ll eventually either air on regular TV or be posted to the web anyway so that removes the one reason I’d have to actually sit through the game.

Meanwhile research continues on various forms of gene therapy to help those of us afflicted with Male Sports Gene Deficiency Syndrome.

4 thoughts on “Super what?

  1. I was raised without watching sporting events. But this year is different, I just moved to the States from Canada, so this year I can watch the superbowl commercials! I really don’t care about the game!


  2. See – I guess I’m not alone – I could care less about this game, other than to see if I won in the pool I spent $10 on (2 squares)…  but I won’t be watching.

    Would have been a good day for:  “Anti-SuperBowl LAN Party”

  3. …there’s a sporting event on TV today? Really? Are you sure?

    Actually, I’m watching all the movies on TBS (I love City of Angels’ cinematography) and totally ignoring the football hoopla – especially as the superbown had the tacky and egregiously bad taste to try and usurp **MY** birthday weekend.

    And now if you’ll all excuse me, I’m off to finish off my birthday cake and have another round of icecream. Though I probably should have real actual food at some point today. Just for grins.

  4. I am pretty sure it is called Poindexteritis, an inflammation of the lobe of your brain that affects your ability to enjoy viewing pointless macho displays of testosterone (sporting events, monster truck pulls, rodeo’s, etc.). Being afflicted myself I understand how you feel. Just once I would like to sit down with “the guys” and enjoy some sort of sporting event…just once. Somehow though I think I will manage to lead a fairly happy life even without sports.

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