Stupid Lunch Discussions #34: Star Wars and the “Force”.

When you see the same group of people for lunch at work day after day you soon run out of topics that you can have intelligent discussions about. That’s when the geek factor kicks in and you end up talking about stupid stuff like the pros and cons of being able to use “The Force”(TM) from Star Wars:

Pros: Win most of the track and field events at the next Olympics without breaking a sweat. “Jedi Mind Trick”(TM) works better than expected on highly attractive blonds at bars even with stupid pick-up lines like “Hey baby, wanna see how long my light ‘saber’ is?”

Cons: When going along on dangerous missions with your friends you act like a giant friggin’ mental beacon to any bad guys who also happen to have the ability to use “The Force”(TM). May as well put a big red strobe light on your head with a loud speaker blaring “HEY BAD GUYS! WE’RE OVER HERE!”

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