Students in Boston face suspension for religious candy canes.

Looks like some kids in a Boston High School are up for suspension after distributing candy canes with small notes attached that attempted to associate the traditional candy with representing Jesus. The school is saying the religious aspect of the note has nothing to do with the suspension, the school doesn’t allow students to pass out anything that isn’t related to the curriculum, but of course the kids see it differently and are claiming their rights to free speech are being violated.

The kids are correct in the idea that they have a right to express their religious beliefs at school and if the religious nature of the message was the cause for their suspension then I’d expect the ACLU to get involved in fighting their punishment. However, the kids were told that distributing anything not related to school was forbidden and if that’s the policy then the school is in the right for enforcing it. Many schools have such policies.

Of course this whole mess could’ve been avoided had the kids just read the debunking of Candy Canes. Just another urban legend getting kids into trouble.

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  1. When I was a kid my friends and I created a game of sorts where we would trace the origin of an item back to Satan, bear in mind this is back when the smurfs had been judged satanic by some fundamentalist sect or another. It was our opinion that everything was inherently evil and was in some form a corrupting influence put here by Old Scratch to snare our innocent souls. For example: Clowns are evil. Why? Well, clowns wear a big red rubber ball on their nose, and red is a color in fire, which we all know is a tool of the devil, so of course, clowns are evil. I imagine that it is even easier to ascribe heavenly attributes to an object since the de facto position the church holds is that ALL things come from God (kind of convenient if you ask me), but it is just as pointless. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a delicious candy treat is just a herding crook used by Lucifers minions to ensnare our souls!

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