Sounds look a good deal to me.

STEWARTVILLE, Minn.—An adult entertainment store’s sign offering a “clergy discount’’ has drawn the wrath of its churchgoing neighbors.

The double-sided sign stands outside Pure Pleasure so those who attend Midwest Baptist Church next door see the ads going into, and leaving, the church.

To people driving toward the church, the sign reads: “And God said go out into the world and have great sex. God’s gift to women. Amen and amen.’‘

People leaving the church see: “No need to mail order. Gay videos in stock. Clergy discount. Have good sex. Hallelujah!’‘

“This sign shows me that he’s not only thumbing his nose at the laws of the township, he’s thumbing his nose at the laws of God,’’ said the Rev. Joseph Grimaldi, who heads the church and is a vocal opponent of the business. “I just hope I’m not too close when the lightning strikes.’’—

Considering the mess the Catholic church is currently going through you’d think more churches would be happy the store is offering a discount to clergy so they don’t have to prey on little kids, but nooooo.

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  1. I do not have to much to say. I know one thing though, and that is our political counter parts need to address important issues. I know this. The budget cuts will have a great impact on the disabled. If they make the cuts they have planed, we will see more homeless people in the land of plenty. The working class are taking on the brunt of the tax load, while the rich have loop holes made easy by the government. If there is no changes soon, we are headed for some very rocky times, not that we have had them already. Man has surely dominated man to his injury. Thank you.

  2. You are preaching to the choir there brother.

    I advocate a flat tax – no loopholes tax structure so EVERYONE has to shoulder the burden and pays according to their earnings. You or I might not ever be picking out $3000.00 shower curtains for a house in the Hamptons, but we also shouldn’t be paying the lion

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