Sick Evil Bastard

Dammit, I’m coming down with something. Started last night with a scratchy, dry throat. Woke this morning with drainage and an even more scratchy throat, but a really cool evil sounding voice. Courtney has gone straight into full red alert defcon 1 head-cold status. I hate being sick. It sucks.

One silver lining, though. I get to go into work today and cough on everyone I don’t like repeatedly. Muh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

7 thoughts on “Sick Evil Bastard

  1. i think this sit needs to have more updates on ps2 xbox ect becouse i came to get a printout on the game grandthef auto vice city cheats but they wernt any id like you to put them back on

  2. my keyboard is mucking around and missing my letters out but anyway i want the cheats for grandtheft auto vice city but there was in this site the other day but there arnt now and ive lost my printout so i need stupidevilbastard to put the fuvking cheats back on otherwise im going to ring his neck cos im fuckedoff to the back teeth with agro today so please put them back on

  3. Dude, you see that search box on the left side of the main page? Use it. The listing of cheat codes is still there, just search for Vice City and you’ll find it. Not hard. Most folks with basic computer literacy skills can manage it.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. This nasty bug is hard to shake, I’ve been coughing w/very little voice for the past two weeks.

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