‘Remember Me’ function should be working now.

After doing much research, I finally figured out why the “remember me” function of the comments here at SEB was only partially working. It would work fine if you went to the actual individual page created for any entry, but it never remembered you properly if you used the pop-up comments which most folks tend to use. Turns out it has to do with the URL and how the browser works. I had to change the template for the popup comments to user jenkinsonline.net as the HOST name because that’s where that script is stored. One little change and it appears the cookies are working properly regardless of which method you use to post comments. The only drawback is that it makes it so that two cookies are set to do the same job. One if you use the popup comments and one if you go to the actual individual entry page. Once both are set, however, the site should remember you from session to session.

What a pain in the ass figuring that out was.

5 thoughts on “‘Remember Me’ function should be working now.

  1. I’m just hoping the fine folks at MT are working on a true user registration system. That’s one thing I do think MT is missing in a big way.

  2. It’s not that impressive. The answer was there, I just had to put the pieces together and understand what was happening.

    Sometimes that takes a bit more effort than I originally thought. grin

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