Pitfall Harry to return to consoles.

According to the folks over at The Adrenaline Vault, Pitfall Harry, veteran adventurer from the days of the Atari 2600 will be making a return to all three of the current consoles.

Gamers will assume the role of Harry – a treasure seeker who races against a rival explorer using his athletic ability and a knapsack filled with gear. The game will feature over 50 levels ranging from rain forests to creature-filled caves to glacial mountains. The maps will contain new puzzles and traps as well as some of the gameplay mechanics found in the Atari 2600 classic – including swinging on vines and avoiding crocodiles as well as dodging rolling logs. Activision is developing a Game Boy Advance version as well.

Ah the hours I wasted playing that game! The potential provided by the power of the latest consoles holds a lot of promise assuming they don’t fall back on relying on name recognition and nostalgia to sell the title.

2 thoughts on “Pitfall Harry to return to consoles.

  1. Yeah!  Bring back LSL!  That game(s) was great!
    I wonder if they’ll make a “Virtual-Sex Leisure Suit Larry” game? – I mean, with all these 1st Person games, and Sim Like games – that would be an interesting mix of the two…  But I’m sure Pitfall will be first person too..

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