Penn & Teller’s: Bullshit! starts this Friday.

I’ve talked about the new Penn & Teller’s: Bullshit! show here before and I wanted to put up a reminder to folks that the series will be premiering this Friday at 11PM on Showtime. Which, unfortunately, means I won’t be seeing it unless I can talk someone into taping the show for me.

Still, those of you who DO have Showtime can watch it and I highly encourage you to do so. Particularly, I encourage those of you who actually seem to think that people like John Edward and James Van Praagh can talk to your dead relatives to tune in as the very first episode just happens to cover this very topic.

I’ve been nice and not implied that people who believe such parlor tricks have the brains of trout, but I get the feeling P&T aren’t going to sugar coat things much. Especially based on the Q&A listed on their site:

Q: You’ve made many television appearances but this is the first appearance you’ve done on premium cable. Do you think that some of the topics you’ll be covering would have been too sensitive for broadcast TV?

Teller: Fuck, yeah.

Penn: This bullshit is too sensitive for anyone. We’re going to find it’s too sensitive for Showtime—just you wait. “No Limits”—we’re going to find out.

Q: Which subjects do you think are going to generate a large outcry and/or surprise people the most? Is it deserved?

Teller: Even some of our creative staff are angry that we’d question the scientific honesty behind outlawing secondhand smoke as though it’s attempted murder. The show that shocks me personally, though, is the one where we investigate Bottled Water. You need to see the show, but I’ll just say: I now order tap water in restaurants and refill old Dasani bottles from the spigot.

Penn: It changes for everyone. Some people go ape shit that we’re saying people can’t talk to the dead and people that take that in stride get all worked up about bottled water being bullshit, or some environmentalists lying their asses off.

Oh yeah, that’s going to be a fun show. My cynical side tells me that the people who really need to see it are the last ones who’ll watch it, but at least it’s out there for some of these idiots to stumble across. It would be even better if it were on at 9PM on one of the big networks, but they’d end up censoring it too much. Anyway, there’s a trailer for the show up on the official site, but you’ll need to install Realplayer (yecch!) to view it. They also have a message board set up for feedback on the show that’s just starting to get under way. Either way, check it out. It should be good.

6 thoughts on “Penn & Teller’s: Bullshit! starts this Friday.

  1. I’ll try to remember to tape it for ya.  That’s if I remember to watch it. 
    I should be home by 11.  If not, it’ll be on again and again I’m sure.

  2. Thanks! I knew I had to know someone who had Showtime. The episodes do appear to repeat as well according to the schedule they have up on the official site.

  3. It’s Friday afternoon, and I just remembered that P&T:BS! is on tonight.

    Will I remember tonight at 11?

    Time will tell.
    “Hey Time! Remind me to tape P&T at 11, Ok?”

  4. if anyone sees this message before november 3rd, i desperatley need a tape of Penn & Teller Bullshit: Bottled Water for my speech class.  I will pay shipping and handeling of course.  So contact me at if anyone has a copy.

  5. P&T’s BS is the best show on T.V.  Finally a show with some cajones!  My brother and I watch it all the time.  I love how Penn and Teller destroy all kinds of cons.  I especially like their hatred of religion, the biggest con going.  I wish more people could watch the show, but as long as its on the air I’ll watch.

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