New Zone shoots sequel to classic episode.

Man, I just can’t seem to get away from the Sci Fi Wire today, but this was just too interesting not to mention. I’m a big fan of the original Twilight Zone and, so far, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the TWZ that has been airing on UPN. However, I may have to catch this episode when it comes up:

Producers of UPN’s The Twilight Zone told SCI FI Wire that the show next week will begin shooting a sequel to the classic 1959 episode “It’s a Good Life,” in which a 6-year-old Billy Mumy sent people to the cornfield—with a now-middle-aged Mumy reprising the role of Anthony Fremont and Cloris Leachman again playing his mother. In another twist, Mumy’s real-life daughter, Liliana, will play Fremont’s daughter, who also has paranormal abilities, in the new episode, called “It’s Still a Good Life,” the producers said.

“We just signed Cloris Leachman [to reprise the role] as his mother,” executive producer Ira Steven Behr said in an interview. “We have Bill playing Anthony Fremont, [the] same character. He’s going to be wishing people into the cornfields. And we meet his daughter in real life, Liliana Mumy, who’s an actress who was in The Santa Clause 2. She’s going to be playing his daughter on the show, who is also going to have those Fremont powers. So that’s going to be a really exciting show, and I know the network is really excited about it.” The episode is slated to air in February.

This, of course, has the potential to be really cool or a total screwup. It was one of my favorite episodes, though, so I’ll have to watch and see how well they update it. Word has it they’ll also be updating another one of my favorite episodes called The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street. Maybe I’ll have to give the show another chance.

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  1. Too cool. I always loved that episode, and we still use the phrase, “wishing people to the cornfield” at work when we transfer vendor calls to a number we’ve set up for them.


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