More LAN party goodness.

Hairboy, Minx, Eric, Robert, Courtney and I all got together last night for another round of too-much sitting on your ass playing video games at Robert’s place. Once again it was a massive Dungeon Siege-a-thon and even though Court and I both started off with lower-level characters by about 10 levels, it didn’t take us too long to catch up. As always, many thanks to Robert for inviting us all out to make a mess of his place and eat all his snacks.

Courtney has become a regular with me to this mini-LAN party and seems to have a good time hanging out with a bunch of adults who haven’t quite grown up yet themselves. Every father should have some sort of bonding activity with his kids and, despite the fact that I’ll probably get tons of emails telling me how horrible video gaming is because it makes you fat and stupid, it appears this is the thing Courtney and I bond best with. I was worried for awhile there wouldn’t be anything because I kinda suck at this whole being-a-dad thing.

Anyway, if you’ve got a bunch of buddies who also play video games and one of them, like Robert, has a house and no wife to get pissed when you run lots of cables all over the floor and spend 9 hours doing nothing but eating snacks, drinking too much carbonated soda, and killing just absolutely tons of Krugs then pack up your PC and head on over there for a Saturday afternoon of mayhem. Might want to call them and let them know you’re coming first. Sure you could just play it online, but being together in the same room (mostly) allows you to trash talk each other when you swipe that big pile of loot right out from under one of your best friend’s noses.

3 thoughts on “More LAN party goodness.

  1. Mmmmm… LAN party goooooooooooooooooooood. Another exciting night of hacking and slashing our way through DS while exchanging that lovely and delightful verbal repartee we are all known for. (Yeah right. More like “SHIT! I died. Again. DAMMIT.” Heh.)

  2. Nah – Me and my son play video games alot – of course it’s WINTER, and we’re not going outside to play right now – so what else can we do?  Sounds like ya guys had fun…  I’ve got a friend who’s 5 (almost 6) year old loves to play Counter Strike – of course, his dad plays it too, but they watch him while he plays – he was at the last LAN party we had out in Warren…  I reminded him last week that i’m itchin for another LAN party… hopefully one soon!

  3. You’re a GOOD Dad!  At least she is with you and not out sniffing glue and balling teenagers.  Besides you have to consider what you learned while you were at home.  Parents that work too much or spend their entire life reading miss out on the stuff your getting to do and see.  There is no instruction guide and no two parents do it the same way!

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