Michigan set to fine retailers over video game sales.

Saw this blurb over at GameSpot

According to the Macomb Daily, Michigan’s House of Representatives recently voted 98 to 2 in favor of a bill that fines retailers for selling mature- or adult-only-rated games to minors. According to the bill, sale or rental of an M- or AO-rated game to anyone under 17 years of age can result in a misdemeanor punishable by a 90-day prison sentence, a $1,000 fine, or both. The bill will move into the Michigan Senate for a vote sometime this year.

Once again Michigan leads the way in putting the onus of making parental decisions on its stores instead of on the parents. This legislation will do nothing to stop kids getting their hands on MA rated video games (I don’t even know of an AO rated game) and will probably have the effect of allowing more kids access to these games because parents will become complacent thinking there’s no way their little Jimmy can buy it on his own so they won’t bother to check what their kids are playing.

Though I’m sure it’ll help some folks get reelected due to its warm and fuzzy, it’s-the-right-thing-to-do, feel-good nature.

4 thoughts on “Michigan set to fine retailers over video game sales.

  1. Once again, the wannabe-parent in me gets pissed at something he reads. The only reason kids are getting this crap is because parents don’t supervise them.

    If you take an active part in your child’s life, you know what the hell is going on; this legislation is totally screwed up.

  2. Another “feel good” measure proposed by legislators pandering to popular whims.

    Here are a few thoughts on the topic:

    1. Stores can’t SELL X-rated video games to minors, huh?  Does that mean they are allowed to give them away for free?  Can they be sold across interstate (or international) lines by mail order catalog or by internet (ie Ebay)? 

    2. The absolutely most certain way to make sure kids want a particular video game is to put it in stores and then tell them they can’t buy it.  (Want an eye-opener?  Go ask teenagers in Amsterdam what they think about marijuana).

    3. The gov’t ain’t supposed to be your parents.  It shouldn’t do it, and more important, it CAN’T do it, even if we want it to.

    4. (corollary to #2). No matter what the gov’t does or does NOT do, there will still be bad parents raising bad kids.

    The same parents who want the government to censor things for their children are undoubtedly the ones who frankly have no idea whatsoever what their children are doing with themselves.  (Anyone else see the irony in this?)

    And finally 5. Given all the alternative ways they could be spending their time (ie sex, drugs, gangs, jackass-like stunts, etc), frankly I don’t think sitting at home playing video games (even X-rated ones) is such a bad thing!

  3. I have to agree. I am annoyed anytime the government tries to parent me or my kids. Just like the seatbelt law here in Michigan. It pisses me off. But as regards the video games, I have a teenage boy…he likes some of the mature games. I check them out, I buy them if I think they are harmless. I personally see nothing wrong with Grand Theft Auto. My kid is a good kid, he hasn’t turned into a bad kid from that game. I just wonder how long it will be before CPS comes knocking on my door because I bought him the fucking game!

  4. This proves that parents are getting hellaciously lazy!  They are too busy getting loaded up on coffee and fixing their lips to the ass of whatever is acceptable in conformed society, and in their minds, it’s “fuck everything else!” 

    As well, many people have played games like GTA, saints row, and so on, and do you see mass mayhem on a world wide scale, Fuck no!  It is my sincere desire to support our world’s greatest stress relivers because if you can’t vent one way, you’ll vent another, and we don’t know what that could be.

    GTA san andreas got changed to an AO game because of some sex minigame in it, I just hope the M copy I got of it makes it special edition or somethin.

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