Made in the USA… not!

Oops. Looks like someone goofed while setting up a display for President Shrub(TM) to make a stump speech in front of. The speech was supposed to give The Shrub(TM) a chance to show how a small Mom and Pop business would save thousands of dollars under his tax relief plan. The backdrop for the speech was lots of boxes with the words MADE IN THE USA stamped all over them, except that a lot of them weren’t:

Next to the banner and stacked around his podium were hundreds of boxes labeled “Made in China”—and Taiwan and Hong Kong. Someone apparently became aware of the mixed message, for white stickers and brown packing tape were mysteriously taped over the true origin of the real boxes that travel through the trucking and warehouse business daily.

Many of the boxes also had handwritten numbers meant to represent routing codes written across them with markers. White House officials traveling with the president today said the tape job came as a complete surprise to them. Deputy press secretary Claire Buchan attributed the cover-up to an overzealous advance office volunteer and said the matter would be taken up through the appropriate channels.

Which basically means that some poor slob is going to lose his or her job because they embarrassed The Shrub(TM). While I find it amusing, I am surprised at how much media attention it’s gotten and how little has been said about what The Shrub’s(TM) next tax relief plan is supposed to be. Who cares where the boxes were made? We already know that a lot of crap we use day to day is made in other countries even when the company itself is an American company! We also already know he’s an idiot, we don’t need to be reminded that he’s an idiot, that’s not news.

What is news is how he plans to have even more tax cuts and yet wage a war on Iraq. Last I checked, wars are expensive. Hasn’t anyone told him he can’t have it both ways?

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