I’ve been memepooled!

Noticed a spike of visitors coming from memepool.com to my blog entry on cyber-beggar Karyn Bosnak breaking even so I thought I’d better check to see what was going on.

As it turns out there’s an entry about Karyn and her success in begging online that was posted yesterday and it contains links to various sites that have decried this fact. The last link is to your’s truly using the word “rampant” as the anchor. Specifically, it links to the entry I wrote about her breaking even which I thought was a little odd seeing as I didn’t really bash Karyn much in that entry. Perhaps it was because so many of my readers did take the opportunity to make some critical comments.

I suppose that means I shouldn’t be too excited at being memepooled as it’s probably more to do with my readers than anything I said myself, eh? Oh what the hell, I’ll take whatever credit I can get.

1 thought on “I’ve been memepooled!

  1. Perhaps (though I doubt it), but please don’t ever let that dissuade you from dragging idiots into the light on your blog.

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