I can (almost) breathe.

I must be feeling better. It’s only 2:19 in the afternoon and I’ve actually been up and out of bed for a bit. I really should have hit the doctor’s sooner, but that’s the problem when something like this sets in on a Friday. By the time you realize it’s something serious enough to go seek legal drugs for it’s the middle of the weekend and you won’t get an appointment anytime before Monday. I won’t be 100% before tomorrow, but I should be more or less non-contagious enough to go to work and scare people by coughing at them when they annoy me.

I hope to use my time at home today to get a few entries up. The front page here is starting to look awfully threadbare and my fever has broken so most of what I type should have some semblance of sanity to it. That’s one good thing about getting sick: It feels so good when you start to get healthy again.

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