A little birdy told me that The Laughing Muse is having a birthday today! OK, so it wasn’t a little birdy, it was The Muse herself in a comment on one of my entries, but it was still a timely reminder and so you should all go to her blog and wish her lots of happy birthday related wishes. Maybe buy her a little something off of her wishlist.

Speaking of which, keep an eye on your mailbox in the next week or so Muse. I’m a little late in picking it out, but it should be there soon.

1 thought on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUSE!

  1. …::meep::! I wasn’t trolling for attention, really I wasn’t! Just giving a little guff to that tackytackytacky sporting event thingie (that’s a technical term, BTW)

    The fans themselves, I refuse to aggravate, on the grounds that they may come trash my car. (But if they find my cat, I may forgive them.)


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