Guns in school arrives in Canton.

Turned on the morning news this morning for the traffic reports only to see the traffic copter hovering over the parking lot of Plymouth High School, which is part of the Plymouth-Canton Educational Complex here in Canton, Michigan. The complex is actually three different high schools that all serve the Plymouth-Canton communities and are all located on one campus mere yards from each other. Cops cars were all over the place and the initial reports were sketchy as the news person reported that the word was that someone had tried to enter the school with a rifle. No word on if it was an adult or a student, whether they caught the person, whether there was any immediate danger, nothing.

Unlike most people who end up being interviewed when this sort of thing happens, I don’t hold the false illusion that “stuff like this isn’t supposed to happen here.” Canton is an uber-model of suburbia on par with any of the other places where “stuff like this isn’t supposed to happen” so I’ve been wondering when this sort of thing might come home to roost.

Turns out it won’t be today, which is very much of a relief. The local news is reporting that this whole mess may be over a BB gun a student brought to school by a student for a project on the Civil War.

2 thoughts on “Guns in school arrives in Canton.

  1. You and me both. Turns out it wasn’t a student either, but one of the teachers for a physics demonstration. Been doing it for years it seems and that day one of the parents dropping someone off happened to see him carrying it into school and freaked out and called the cops.

    Not that I can blame them, I just hope this guy doesn’t lose his job over it.

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