Gary Oldman in next Potter film?

Continuing with the movie theme of the day, word has it that Gary Oldman is up for the role of the wizard Sirius Black whom escaped from Azkaban. I’ve not heard if it’s official or not, but the folks at IMDB have already listed the film as part of Gary’s filmography. Personally, I think he’s a good choice and I’ll be quite pleased if he does do the part.

Now the question becomes one of whom do you get to play Lupin? For some reason the entire time I was reading that book I kept envisioning Lupin being played by an actor that most folks here have never heard of. Hairboy and Minx will know who I’m speaking of, but the rest of you will probably go “Huh?” My choice to play the role of Lupin would be Sylvester McCoy, probably best known for his role as the seventh Doctor in the old British Sci-Fi series Doctor Who. I think he’d make an excellent Lupin and he’s British so Rowling shouldn’t have any problem with using him. I think I’ll call her up and demand that she suggest McCoy for the role.

2 thoughts on “Gary Oldman in next Potter film?

  1. Actually, Hairboy sent me something that said David Thewlis had the role of Lupin. Not sure if that was confirmed, rumor, or just wild speculation though. 😀

    (By the way, I think I shall give up posting under “Kiiri” since it makes more sense to be Minx… heh!)

  2. They’ve finished making the third “Harry Potter” film,” and, obviously, Lupin’s been cast. The fellow playing him seems, from the trailer, to have done quite a good job.
    Sylvester McCoy’s a great actor, and he would have made a good Lupin. He’s my favourite Doctor.

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