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I often get asked by friends and coworkers how I come across some of the knowledge I have, particularly with regards to fake virus warnings, whatever the latest scams are and some of the best deals on new products. It’s not hard if you have a handful of essential websites in your favorites or bookmark list. These are sites that I turn to time and time again because they’ve proven to be the best resource at whatever topic they’re covering and are almost always up to date.

I tell people about these sites all the time. Some people I’ve had to tell several times (hi Dad!) because they never write down the URL. So to aid those folks who forget to write them down, or who haven’t heard of them yet, I’ve started a new sidebar on the left that lists of sites I think every person should have in their bookmarks. There’s only 4 sites listed at the moment as that’s all I could think of off top of my head when whipping this up and they’re the 4 sites I use most often. As I come across other websites that I think are just too useful not to check in on I’ll add them to that list. Check them out, use them, love them and then go impress your friends and family with them.

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  1. What I usually do (and tell others) is when you get a “virus” email, they should search via google for some of the keywords…  that usually finds a hit…

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