Dave Barry has a blog.

One of my all time favorite humor columnists, Dave Barry, now has his own blog online called simply Dave’s Blog:

OK, thanks to Ken Layne I now have a real blog, sort of.

I will now spend days and days trying to figure out how this works, as opposed to doing anything productive.

I’m a big fan of Dave’s, as is my mother. Shame he doesn’t have commenting turned on, but then based on some of the mail he gets and shares with his readers in his humor column I’m not all that surprised. If you’re not familiar with Dave then you must go out and buy every one of his books and do nothing but read them until your eyes fall out. Trust me. It’ll be worth it. At least until your eyeballs fall out.

I found out about this from Solonor so blame him.

3 thoughts on “Dave Barry has a blog.

  1. According to the link I got off of Dave Barry.com, that’s his blog. Seeing as Dave Barry.com is linked to off of his section on the Miami Herald website I’d have to say that, if you follow the progession of links, it is Dave’s blog. Seems legit enough to me.

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