Dammit all to hell and back.

I go to sleep. I wake up. It’s 2003. There’s still no flying cars. WTF?

I want my flying car dammit! This is supposed to be the 21st century for chrissakes! Get with the freakin’ program!

6 thoughts on “Dammit all to hell and back.

  1. Yeah, I want mine, too!

    Instead, all we get is Segways! While cool, they’re just not flying cars (or jetpacks).

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with the Segways comment.  America is already too obese the way it is.  Do we really need an alternative to “walking”?? I could maybe understand the point if this was an alternative to cars or something of that nature… but for short distances, around malls, down the block, or whatever?  Give me a frickin’ break…

  3. To the poster who said that American’s are already too obese..I have to take issue with that.

    Just because it’s statistically correct, doesn’t mean it’s right.

    This is the land of progress and innovation. The land of the voice activated remote control, the land of the Lunchables peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and the land of cable TV and addictive video games.

    Stifling innovations like the Segweigh is just unamerican!!!

  4. Actually, I can see many job positions that a Segway could be a big boon to have. Mail carriers being only one of them. I don’t think I would purchase one for my own personal use in part because I could do with the exercise, but in part because most of the places I’d tend to go require the use of a car to get there.

    Not being a big exerciser myself, however, I’m not able to tell others they can’t be just a slothful and buy one to avoid any walking whatsoever.

  5. Flying cars?  Most drivers can’t master 4-way stops.  Stand on the corner and watch sometime.  Makes you glad breathing is handled by the autonomic nervous system.  If all those idiots had to figure it out they’d die of oxygen starvation.

    (Shudders at thought of typical idiot driver at controls of flying car…)

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