Cuss Control Academy.

Someone emailed me and suggested I should enroll in the Cuss Control Academy.

Honestly, I don’t need to enroll. I have perfect control over my cussing. In fact, I’ve gotten so good at cussing that I’ve recently been awarded the title of Grand Master Poopy Mouth. Hells Angels cower in the face of my ability to swear and sailors don’t just blush, they faint dead away at the sound of one of my diatribes.

So I have two words for this person who thinks I should enroll in the CCA. Can you guess what they are?

4 thoughts on “Cuss Control Academy.

  1. Well shit.  I guess this fucking person’s going to harass my ass soon then.  I mean, damn, I must look like an undereducated asshole since my site has the phrase ‘fuck the world’ all over it…  *sigh*  I will not succumb to the evils of the CCA.  I will continue to use the word ‘fuck’ as much as I can, and will remain #1 in the ‘fuck the world’ search on google!

    (now where did I put that straightjacket….)

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