Bishop says molestation a sin, not a crime.

Now here’s something I feel is worth spending a little of my rage on. According to an article in the Boston Herald a bishop testifying in one of the many pedophile priest cases underway at the moment said that molestation was a sin, not a crime.

New Hampshire Bishop John B. McCormack said under oath yesterday that he once considered sexual molestation by priests a “sin” but not a “crime,” according to alleged abuse victims who sat in on his deposition in a civil case.

“Bishop McCormack said it was a sin – he didn’t look at it as a crime,” said Bernie McDaid of Lynn, a leader of a group calling itself Survivors of Joseph Birmingham. “He thought it was a sin – just a sin. That just floored me.”

Victims were especially upset that McCormack declined to act, given that he is a licensed social worker.

Larry Sweeney of Chelmsford, an alleged victim of Birmingham, said, “What was a sin was that he did nothing about it.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but laws against child molestation have been on the books for at least the past 50 or 60 years now, haven’t they?

McCormack issued a statement yesterday saying he intends to spend considerable time listening to victims and their families and hopes suits move quickly toward resolution.

“I cannot heal victims myself, but I am confident that I can help them,” he said.

The best way this ass could help the victims is to be brought up on charges as an accessory to the crime and spend the next couple of decades sitting in a prison cell where he belongs. His actions went beyond simply ignoring the problem to the extent that he aided and abetted by deliberately not turning in the priests and continuously moving them from one location to another, in essence giving him a whole new set of potential victims. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why there isn’t a hue and cry from all American Catholics to remove these Bishops and Cardinals who knowingly allowed this sort of abuse to continue for DECADES from their positions is beyond my comprehension. If these had been teachers and the school administrators had shunted them from school to school to cover up the problem they’d be lucky to avoid a freakin’ lynch mob outside their door.

4 thoughts on “Bishop says molestation a sin, not a crime.

  1. I would try and convince as many as possible as well if I were molesting children,
    God may offer you forgiveness but the law provides a place for you to think about it for a long time.
    Considering your average bishop is 150 pounds soak and wet, He himself may become that abused child.

    I would try and do some real convincing very fast.

  2. He can help the victims by being either…

    A: Being thrown in a jail cell with rapists as buff as body builders…

    B: Forced to incur the wrath of every victim of his actions, as well as any his religious brethren.

    Either way, I would to see the sonnovabitch suffer, and this is another solid reason that the numbers of the church that define it’s leaders and defenders should be eradicated.

  3. WhiteBlood: … this is another solid reason that the numbers of the church that define its leaders and defenders should be eradicated.

    Mate, just wondering, from where does this hatred of catholicism spring?
    Not that the religious corporation known as catholicism doesn’t deserve it.  smile

  4. I was born and raised catholic and dealt with their presence for half of my 19 years.  My boundless hate for them comes from two reasons:

    -The fact that the mother church has committed grieveous atrocities against manking for roughly two millennia
    -The fact that they can put on their mask of piety and hide behind it from any and all of their evils.

    These are the two primary reasons, as well as a slew of other things, which falls under their infinite rap sheet and the fools who deny it.

    And while I am at a very slow start, I hope to eventually remove their destructive philosophy from existance.

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