Another reader stands up to defend John Edward.

Someone by the name of Pat Bogsada stopped by here on January 11th and commented on a previous entry I had made about John Edward that ended up developing quite the little debate. Not only did Pat defend Edward, but this person also claimed to be a “medium” (not a psychic!) themselves! I responded to their comments and they’ve since returned to speak their mind once again. My response to this latest round struck me as worthy of it’s own entry so here I am. First, I’ll post Pat’s latest response and then I’ll follow it with my comments:

If you are going to take my words apart and play a game with them then that is your own doing. What I said and I believe I was very clear was in response to statements I read in this site. The information John gave was 100% accurate but it is not like having a conversation with those that have passed on. Let me give you an elementary example. I assume you have a photo album. What you see is a picture…right? Well that is what a medium sees. He then can describe things based on that picture. That is an affirmation. That is what happens to me. That picture can be visual or audible depdending on the strength of the medium. If you see John or any other medium actually telling you that So and so says that they are asking how you are and telling you how much of a great time they are having here in the afterworld and we just sat down to a bar-b-que dinner and the weather he is cloudy…well that is a fake. What I am saying is that the ability to connect with the afterlife is a gift we all have. Do I believe that only a few can do this…no. I feel we all can do this. Many people, however, don’t know how or are afraid or simply can not take themselves out of their physical shell to do so. Those people feel more comfortable going to a medium. Psychic ability is totally different. John never sat and told her things she look out for in the future or whether or not she was going to hit the lottery. He gave her true affirmations. Affirmations that were personal and that no one else would know except those in her inner circle. Affirmations are powerful tools. The affirmations that I am able to convey help people go on with their lives in the physical world. What is so wrong with that? I will never sit here and defend psychic ability because I do not know much about it. We all have had psychic episodes in our life but unfortunately we usually realize it after the fact. I have been to psychic fairs and walk out each and every time shaking my head and saying what a waste of money. I can agree with many people on the true abilities of psychics…some work in their trade truly thinking they know what they are doing and some are just charletons. I have yet to meet a psychic who got me right. That is not what I am defending and obviously you are not educated enough in the field to know the difference. Very few mediums are psychics and I am not defending the psychic ability…only mediumship. Let me finish by saying that I do not defend all mediums. I defend the abilty which is inherent in all of us.


  1. The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed; assertion.
  2. Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.
  3. Law. A solemn declaration given in place of a sworn statement by a person who conscientiously objects to taking an oath.

I’m not playing games with your words, I’m trying to interpret what you mean seeing as you don’t seem to understand the definitions behind some of the ones you use. Though I agree that the use of the word “affirmation” is an appropriate one seeing as much of what talking-to-the-dead mediums do is make assertions and claim things to be true, that doesn’t make them true.

You claim that Edward has never predicted that someone would get new rugs. I present, for your consideration, the following excerpt which I have taken directly off of the OFFICIAL John Edward website:

EDWARD: Well, I hope I’m not blowing, like, a surprise or something. I’m sorry if I am, but there’s a gathering and it’s not Thanksgiving and it’s not the holidays. It is a family gathering that is coming up, and they’re telling me to let you know that they will be there. By the way, they like the new rugs.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you have some new rugs?

CALLER: Well, I didn’t buy one yet. Maybe it’s going to be happening.

VAN SUSTEREN: But you currently don’t have any new rugs.

CALLER: Not yet.

VAN SUSTEREN: What does that mean, John? I mean, she doesn’t have any new rugs.

EDWARD: They’re showing me new rugs being put in. I mean, I see somebody, like, actually putting in rugs on the floor. So, there’s new rugs coming.

Now, you tell me, does that not sound like a prediction to you? Should I look up the definition of the word prediction for you?

I’m not educated enough in the field to the know the difference? You’re not educated enough to know what “affirmation” means! I know enough to know a scam when I see one or, at best, some seriously self-deluded people. You ever watch that show American Idol? Do you think any of those horrible singers would have gone in to audition if they seriously thought they couldn’t sing worth a shit? Of course they wouldn’t. They believed with all their hearts that they had a talent and ability to sing like a nightingale (a type of bird, I can look it up if you wish) and even when told they sucked ass they still made “affirmations” claiming they were the next best thing to Madonna or Sting.

Why is that? Because they were self-deluded into thinking they could do something that they can’t. Now if a bunch of people can delude themselves to the point that they think they have the ability to sing when it’s obvious to even deaf people that they can’t and when the truth can be easily shown to them and they still insist on their ability to sing, then what’s stopping people like you from deluding yourselves into thinking you talk to the dead?

There’s a guy who walks down my street talking to invisible blue beings from the planet Zippo and it is his task to teach them all about humans and how we live our lives and all the great things we do and if he doesn’t show them how wonderful we are, they’ll blow up the planet. I’ve yet to see these beings though I’ve supposedly had many conversations with them with this fellow acting as their interpreter because they speak Zippian, which I’m not educated enough to understand I’m told. This guy is relatively normal all things considered, he just has himself convinced that he’s talking to these invisible beings and the fate of the world rests on his shoulders. I’ve stopped trying to debate the issue with this fellow because it’s obvious that he’s just like the bad singers on American Idol. Nothing I say, no rational argument, no amount of evidence I provide, will convince this man that he’s possibly schizophrenic and should seek some medical attention. At least he doesn’t try to charge me $300 when he let’s me talk to the invisible beings from the planet Zippo.

He’s what we call a harmless nut. Edward and others of his ilk who charge people ridiculous amounts of money to share their self-delusions with others we call scam artists.

3 thoughts on “Another reader stands up to defend John Edward.

  1. Your English defys description>>>>One thing is for sure, you do not profess to be a christian.
    Buying tickets makes as much sense as your terrible language…clean up your act then work on John Edward!!

  2. I’m assuming you’re speaking to me Tybrecia. Please enlighten me as to how my “English defys(sic) description>>>” as you put it. Are you saying that you have trouble understanding what I am saying or that you’re offended that I used naughty words like “shit” and “ass?”

    One thing is for sure, you do not profess to be a christian.

    You manage to figure that out all by yourself? Or did you cheat and look at the description of me in the left side bar where it says RELIGION: ATHEIST. Yes indeedy, that just might be a clue that I don’t profess to be a Christian. So what of it?

    Buying tickets makes as much sense as your terrible language…

    Well the above made no sense at all so I guess we’re even on that score.

    clean up your act then work on John Edward!!

    Right, you can’t possibly think that I might be right because I use “naughty language” and no one who uses naughty language is ever right about anything! Grow up a little then come back and bitch at me about what I say on John Edward. At the least try to come up with something approaching a sensible and logical argument for your stance first.

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