Al Sharpton considering Presidential run.

Oh yeah, this is just what we need: Al Sharpton: ‘I am running for president’. While we’re at it, why don’t we all drill another hole in our heads?

NEW YORK (AP)—The Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights activist who has never held public office, plans to explore a bid for the presidency in the 2004 elections.

“I am running for president to finally put the issues concerning most Americans on to the front burner,” Sharpton said.

“I’m qualified, probably more qualified than any other person who is expected to be on the Democratic ticket for 2004, because I actually have a following and I speak for the people.”

He sure as hell doesn’t speak for me. I’d laugh this off as just another fringe element pipe dream if it weren’t for the fact that David Duke managed to actually get elected into a government position at one time.

47 thoughts on “Al Sharpton considering Presidential run.

  1. Man, fuck this guy. He’s a complete racist, and IF he EVER is elected, this country will go down the fuckin toilet.

  2. This guy does more to discredit any advances made by African Americans than the KKK could ever accomplish…. He’s like the glassman that hands out rocks to kids to insure “job security”.
    I really believe he’s upset because Mr. King has a Holiday in his honor and we don’t have a National “Al Day”
    Don’t know why I even wasted my time talking about this clown 🙁

  3. Al sharpton is nothing but a race-baiting con artist just like jesse like jackson.His only purpose is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    pass this message on to your friends.

  4. Lil Pygmy Sharpton is not as “seasoned” as Je$$e Jack$on. Although he hasn’t YET cut the throats on his own race like JJ YET, it will work out well for him as long as he sucks Hillary’s shit while they both room together in NY. Maybe they could both get married once Billy dies of AIDS or some other STD. I can just imagine ugly-ass Hitlary screaming, “On your knees NOW AL-Ley Cat, You been BAD. Now Ol’ Hil’s gonna show you how many MARXist stripes I can welt across your fat smelly ass. And when I’m finished, crawl your lazy ass down to the corner and PREACH how great Mama is to you..And get me a paper too—-BOY. And if you see JE$$E J., tell him it’s been awhile and to cum right up—I’m waiting.”

  5. If Al (NIGGER) Sharpton is ever president which he wont be I would rather go to south Korea and shiit a missle up my ass than live in this country.

  6. Hmmmm. While I do not want to see Mr. Sharpton in office I would love to see a racist like Sonny move to South Korea and have a missle shoved up his ass.

    Maybe we can start a fund?

  7. I’d contribute to it. Maybe we can sell it as a pilot for a new reality TV show on FOX? We’ll call it RACIST DUMBASS GETS MISSLE SHOVED UP HIS ASS and we’ll make millions while diminishing the number of racist dumbasses in the country. It’s a win-win situation.

  8. And I know a N_____ that knows a lot about missiles!  How’d ya like an AGM-65 Maverick up your pooper Sonny Boy (heavy emphasis on BOY)?  They don’t hurt until you get to the tail fins!  I notice you use AOL…does your Mommy know you use such bad words?  She should re-enable that kiddy filter so you stay out of trouble young fella.

    You sure attracted an “enlightened” bunch on this posting Les smile

  9. well actually, south korea does not harbor nuclear warheads, and in fact, it is north korea that does. south is good, like marshmallows, north is bad, like week old tuna, btu either way, i wouldnt mind seeing a nuke shoved up sharptons ass

  10. it is my understanding that NBC 4 here in new york will have the racist and anti semitic reverend Al sharpton as a guest on saturday night live next week dec 6 2003 i believe . this is insane how can they endorse,promote, and legitimize this racist clown? sharpton is the equivalent of the black david duke if not worse. i urge anyone and everyone to please write letters of discontent to NBC or email them also boycott NBC if enough people take action thay can,t ignore us   thank you

  11. Yeah, that’s right.  I think NBC should make it their business to screen all the guests that Saturday Night Live chooses.  Al Sharpton being allowed on SNL is totally inappropriate.

    I think we should go after Comedy Central next, though.  Have you seen some of the freaks that John Stewart has had on his show?  I swear that man is contributing to the moral decline of America.

    I mean come on, people.  If you let people like Sharpton onto SNL, the next thing you know they’ll be beating out contenders like Kucinich in the polls.  There could be a revolution!  Holy crap!  The blacks that compose ten percent of the population might actually take over Congress, and cut off all military support to Israel in a fit of anti-semitic insanity!  It could lead to WWIII!  Boycott, boycott, boycott!

    Oh, wait, why would I give a fuck?  I don’t watch SNL anyway, because it stopped being funny about ten years ago.

    Carry on.

  12. Ya know, Nowiser, that was pretty much my thoughts on the issue.

    Honestly, Sharpton being on SNL might get me to watch it as it may be the first time the show will be funny in years.

  13. Don’t worry about Sharpton, he will never mak-it
    and if he does he will only live a day after.

  14. I think that you people are the racist ones.  I hope Al Sharpton does get elcted President just so that all you people like Eric Paulson actually shove a missle up his own ass!!!  I hope all you racist fuckers DIE!!!!!!!!! 

    P.S.  I am NOT black!

  15. I would hate Al Sharpton every bit as much if he were as white as my ass.

    When I look at him, I don’t see color. I see an idiot. Being a minority doesn’t make him immune from the sharp end of an honest opinion.

    Idiots come in all colors. His just happens to be a mocha. I don’t consider it a reason to dislike him, nor a reason to excuse him.

  16. You know I cleverly craft my replies to people like Sonny and then some lazy idiot who can’t be bothered to read the entire post before she makes allegations of me being a racist comes along and misses the entire point. Sara, I don’t care if you are GREEN, you are a lazy moron and I do not know what I find more offensive… your unfounded accusation or the fact that even though my name was clearly on my post you still spelled it wrong.

    Try reading so you can understand the context before you start labeling people.

  17. Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’! Keep those trollies rollin’! Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’! Dumbass!*

    *Sung to the tune of Rawhide.

  18. Nigger implies he’s inferior just for being black, he’s not. He’s a unjust racist. He uses race for his fame mongering. On top of that he has no sense of morality i.e. JUSTICE. It pains me to hear him speak of the great MLK. They are nothing alike. MLK had the greatest sense of justice that i may have ever come across. Everything he said was backed by logic and reason. Jackson is one of the most ignorant while thinking his color and experience with blue collar workers makes him more knowledgable than others. His moral compass has been skewed in an effort to find a nitch for himself in the society. it’s disgusting.

  19. Hey Eric.  Sorry about being a bitch about the whole racist shit.  I mistaked Sonny’s comment as your’s.

  20. i think everyone of you redneck crackers are jealous that a true black man is gonna be president.. yall aint nothing but stupid evil bastards. youre the real niggers biotch!!!!

  21. I havent seen a true black man run for prez!!! All ive seen are money and power hungry people using race so that idiots like you believe everything that they say!

  22. If Al Sharpton wins this race, the following will occur:

    1. Lift Every Voice And Sing will be the new National Anthem, or possibly We Shall Overcome.

    2. Segregation will be legalized again but this time the white people are the ones discriminated against.

    3. White people will be forced to pay an additional tax which will be used to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves.

    4. The whole year becomes one big Black History Month.

    5. Anything related to the confederacy will become illegal to even possess.

    6. Many famous cities will be renamed for civil rights activists and/or NAACP members who nobody knows.

    7. Sharpton’s cabinet will contain such famous people as Don King, Mike Tyson, and Jesse Jackson.

    8. The flag will be changed to a solid black color with a black power fist symbol in the middle.

    9. Nation of Islam will be established as the official religion of the country,

    10. English will be displaced by Ebonics as the official language.

  23. Who cares?  Black OR white, he’s never even going to BE president.  EVER.

    What we DO need to worry about is Kerry.  He’s the flip-floppin’ robot talkin’ politician who uses his stature as a veteran to hide the fact that he hasn’t held a single honest opinion in the whole freakin’ PRIMARIES.  Get rid of him and vote Dean or Clark – they might actually have a CHANCE of defeating that republican asshole “resident” of ours.

  24. I don’t want balogna head Al shithead Sharpton to be the president of the US. He’s a great example of a complete asswipe! Yes, he’s a racist and uses his skin color as excuses (like Jesse Jackson and Michael Jackson as well) just to make people feel sorry for him. Well, I’m not going to buy into that rhetoric. In fact I’m sick and tired of blacks trying to commit crimes, and getting away with crimes just because of their skin color. I’m pretty sure Rodney King did something bad to piss the shit out of those cops. The same for the Donovan incident in INglewood, CA.

    As for Al notsosharp Sharpton, he ought to drop out of the race for presidency and use the MONEY to spend it on welfare and other needs for his black bruthas and sistahz.

  25. Wow, this thread is quickly becoming a contest to see who can make the most racist comment possible. I’m no fan of Al Sharpton, but some of the characterizations of him being presented in this thread are unjust, unfair and more revealing of the lack of character of the writer than of Sharpton.

    Sharpton does have flaws that should be rightly criticized, but then so do all the Democratic candidates. Comments such as the last line in the previous reply don’t actually address any of those issues nor do they help further the dialogue on race relations. But then I suspect that was never the intention of the writer.

  26. Al Sharpton is only a joke a clown to me.  We all know that he will not get elected.  As I read his descrition, He did not even graduate from a college.  While all other cadidates have at least a Master degree, All AL has is a High school diploma, and a drop-out of brooklyn college. 

    He surely needs more schooling.

  27. Well, MC I don’t think the level of schooling has anything to do with it.  I am just a high school graduate and I do well for myself so you cannot base that as an opinion. What we need in office is just a regular guy like myself or some other WORKING class citizen.  Al Sharpton is a piece of shit racist nigger as far as I am concerned, and believe me, I know a lot of white niggers too…..That to me is a state of mind and not so much a color of skin as a state of self pity and laziness.  A lazy piece of trash like that wants everything given to them and their idea of work is raising their left hand to put the crack pipe to their lips…I am sick of this government catering to certain races because of shit that happened 427 years ago when a single motherfucker in this room didnt have a damn thing to do with it,……….Final Thought…GET A FUCKING JOB

  28. I saw last night’s Democratic presidential debate last night in Los Angeles, and boy was Kerry and Kucinich fighting their asses off in the debate. So was John Edwards. But as for AL Sharpton, he seemed to be quiet and not jump in the conversation except to make stupid jokes.  I’m surprised the audience even laughed at some of his jokes.  I highly agree with you guys and gals who say he’s a race-baiter.  For example, he blasted Dean (who’s no longer around) for not hiring blacks to be a part of his government administration back in Vermont.  He also recently criticized all the Democrat candidates (who all are white) for not speaking and doing something about the current uprising in Haiti.  I mean…who gives a flying fuck about the shitskins in Haiti?  We’re sending in some of our Marine troops to quell the violence…yet Al Sharpton has the balls to blast his fellow democrat candidates?  I know this is a competition to be the forerunner in the Democrat party,…but don’t blast them just because they don’t support black uprising in Haiti.

  29. Oh yes, tis no greater sin in the eyes of the liberal lunatic than to be considered a racist.  Forget about the sinister nature and pathetic existence that is Al Sharpton, the convicted felon.  You liberals turn a blind eye to murders committed in the name of Islam against Jews and almost completely pass out if you hear the word nigger.  The only reason that there continue to be hard core racists is because of the existence of real niggers like the good ol Rev Sharkton. . . Just don’t pretend that you’ve never uttered such ‘slurs’ behind closed doors.  Your self rightous double speak does nothing but exposes your own racism and contempt for minorities.  You blindly defend an entire group of people based upon one or two insignificant characteristics when you really don’t know who these people are.  Questions?

  30. Please, I am so tired of this self-appointed leader.  He claims to speak for the people, well I’m part of the people and that idiot does not speak for me.  Since when does a pastor in this Country become a politician, you can’t serve two gods, its either the true G-d or the god that that racist pig follows.

    Enough of him already!

  31. Al Sharpton is an exceptionally rascist man with way too power as a public figure.  I think that the level of credibility and power he has is quite dangerous.  I can only hope that Americans can realize through all of the hype from the recent Imus issues how rascist Al Sharpton really is and hopefully he will lose credibility with the public.

  32. al shapton is gay should stick a nuke up his ass. He better leave drunk imus alone to or hes dead crap. Sonnys right

  33. Al Sharpton is the most racist douche bag of the decade. He is a greedy pig that fucks anyone over just to further himself.

  34. My name Is TRAUM and I am a Hardcore Rapper in the purest form on Masta Mix Records, Is it me or is Al Sharpton full of shit. I can’t stand how some so called Black Leaders attack us strong black men more than whites ever did. I’m not blind though I see what’s really going on. It’s an Extortion plot! They boycott during the day then beg for donations from the same artist and companies at night. Ozzy Osborne and marilyn manson can express their selves any way they want but don’t be a rich black entrepreneur or you will be singled out like 50 and Luda. If they are negative influences on black kids then they might as well boycott my Album ” Mad Dreams” Now it will be out in JULY 2007 and I dare Al Sharpton Oprah or any of the rest of our so called leaders to step to me. Damned cops still killing us in New York with no consequence and these dudes are messing with rappers! I’m an Authentic Cat fool wit my bread and I’ll crush you by all means necessary! For more info on TRAUM go to and leave your comments on his blog.

  35. Great come back. It’s exactly what I woulda said.
    Well maybe not exactly – I woulda added an ‘o’ to to and made it a too cos I know you didn’t mean two.

    By the way, I thought my ‘Nah; it’s you’ was quite clever.

    Anyway, enjoy your music – you look pretty and I’m sure you’re good.  smile

  36. First off I want to address the self promotion aspect of my post. You never hear Al Sharpton or any politician or activist to address the public without promoting their foundation, Company or Agenda, That would be ignorant and self defecating to say the least. I am a business man and my business and my talent make it possible for me to make my opinion known to the public effectively. I am suspicious of the house nigger mentality that would try to shame me into not making the public aware of my accomplishments. But as in all society there are folks that think they know what’s best for the masses but are really just a symptom of the disease we are trying to cure. “Niggas” need black leaders because every follower needs a leader but Black Americans have intelligently and democratically chosen representatives.  I beg of you all. Follow their accomplishments not their grand standing in the media, There’s a reason that the media gravitates to Al Sharpton it, the same reason they pick the most ignorant person in your nationhood to put on the news to describe an accident. Yes I’m a rapper but I don’t use my raps to further my agenda I use forums like these for that. Don’t confuse my Music with my Agenda, Keep in mind the Terminator is now the Govinator.

  37. Well spoken, Traum, but did you really mean to say “self defecating”? You didn’t mean to say self-defeating or self-deprecating, did you? I mean, it still makes a whole lotta sense but it’s not a term that’s often used but you are rather unique so I guess you said what you meant.

    Sorry I can’t join in on a discussion about what’s best for blacks in USA – I’m in Oz. Having said that, I think your thoughts would translate to the condition of our Aboriginals who have little representation in Government.

    The other point is that EVERYONE has an agenda, even me. And EVERYONE is self-serving in that everything anybody ever does is cos they want a bit of happy as a result.

  38. Your correct I screwed that up but unlike the folks I’m speaking of I can admit when I made a mistake and I want to thank you for your comment.
    Please bare with me I’m not a writer by any means but I am sincere

  39. You’re a damn site better writer than 95% of the drive-bys we experience here at SEB.

    And, I know you’re sincere – don’t let that fire go out.

  40. “My name Is TRAUM and I am a Hardcore Rapper in the purest”

    Great, another nigger trying to make himself rich off the fucking jungle music. Lets teach our kids that calling women bitches and hoes is ok and selling crack and sipping 40 oz’s all day is the right thing to do. Get a job you worthless fucking nigger


  42. I think it’s time to close comments on this thread. No point in leaving the racist assholes a place to vent their idiocy.

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