Adventures in towing.

I ultimately decided to move the car to the dealership and see if they could come up with a less expensive solution to the problem. This decision came after discussing the issue with several different car-oriented people who all agreed that the battery cable replacement tactic sounded nuts. The decision was solidified by the timely intervention of my Father-In-Law who supplied me with the cash to pay off the diagnostic fee at Autolab and have the car towed. I try not to ask either my parents or my in-laws for financial help unless I have no other choice, but I didn’t even get the choice this time around. He saw a need and he insisted on helping and I am very grateful to say the least.

So this morning was spent finding a towing company and paying off the bill at Autolab and moving the car to the dealership. The folks at Autolab were telling me that, on second thought, it might not be the battery cables after all, but perhaps one of the computers that regulates fuel flow and they probably would have moved onto that after the cables and only charged me for the cables. They also did admit that if it was this other computer thingy then it may very well still be covered under some form of warranty so they couldn’t blame me for dragging it to the dealership. They were good sports about it all things considered. I doubt my luck will be good enough that whatever the problem is will be covered under some form of warranty.

The whole thing took about an hour or so to take care of and the tow truck driver was exceptionally polite and the distance traveled was less than I expected so I gave him a $5 tip. Not much, but he seemed appreciative seeing as few people ever tip. After all, you never know when you might need to call upon their services again.

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  1. Well, once they realized you hadn’t just fallen off the turnip truck and might actually KNOW something about cars (we won’t tell them you don’t) they had to appear somewhat competent so that next time you have a problem they might yet get another chance to rip you off. If they held to that ludicrous story about twisted battery cables I’m pretty sure you would not consider taking your car back there would you? I’m sorry that I didn’t bring it up on Monday but I must have been too hungry to think straight.

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