A fine, upstanding example of fans at their best.

Even if I were into sports I probably wouldn’t ever attend a playoffs game because of things like this:

OAKLAND—Rowdy crowds set cars on fire, pelted passing vehicles with rocks and bottles, and vandalized a fast-food restaurant in the wake of the Oakland Raiders’ Super Bowl loss Sunday.

Police in riot gear responded with rubber bullets and tear gas, and briefly closed some stretches of city streets. At least 23 people were arrested, mostly for public drunkeness, authorities said.

What the hell is up with that? How come no one ever riots over important stuff like the Presidency being handed over to the guy who didn’t get the popular vote? No one burned cars or looted businesses when the most powerful office in the nation was handed to the loser of the election. What the hell is so important about football that it deserves to cause so much violence and a stolen election doesn’t? At least the football team lost in an honest competition.

The only thing I can imagine is that the sports fans here in the States feel left out of all the media attention that the soccer hooligans in Europe get. At least the European hooligans attack the fans of the opposing team more so than just running around causing random property damage. Destroying some poor slob’s car or business because your team lost the Super Bowl is just pointless and stupid.

Then again, these are Americans I’m talking about…

5 thoughts on “A fine, upstanding example of fans at their best.

  1. Might just be because MOST people understand that our election system isn’t based on popular vote, and never has been.  There are reason for it being not based on the popular vote.

    So, the loser didn’t become president.  The loser won the popular vote.

  2. I’m aware of how our electoral system works and usually the winner of the popular vote does get the election. The couple of exceptions to that rule in the past are quite different from the situation we had in 2000.

    I often point out that our system is a representative republic and not democratic as so many like to believe. It still makes no sense to me why folks will riot over something as stupid as a football game, but not over a questionable election process.

  3. representative republic

    Ahh, it feels sooo good to know that SOMEONE else knows the difference.  Thanks, you made my day.

    About the football riots vs. lack of election riots, I see it this way.  Some say that people are idiots.  Some say they are sheep.  This proves that they are reall idiot sheep…

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