Welcome to life under the Patriot Act.

Scary, ain't I?If the story by Nicholas and Mary Monahan about their recent run-in with airport security turns out to be factual then it’s certainly a sad day for freedom in the USA.

To say I find it frightening to read is an understatement and it makes me glad I no longer fly around the country as part of my job. Given the way I look I’m sure I’d attract more than my fair share of attention especially when I’ve shaved my head, as I have done recently so I can once again wear hats in the cold weather without worrying about hat hair. I mean, take a good look at my employee ID picture in the upper right there. Would you let someone looking like that onto your airplane? Anyway I’m holding out hope that the damage being wrought by The Shrub(TM) and his cronies may be undone some day, but it is depressing to think about. I’m going to have to go back to reading about the Matrix sequels to get myself back into a good mood.

This depressing story found over at Scott’s site who found it via Doc’s site.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to life under the Patriot Act.

  1. I’m glad that nobody got on my plane that looks like that.  I would have had to switch flights.
    He he he, chuckle.
    Bearhoy, er, Hairboy

  2. Yeah I was taking the idea that it might be an urban myth into account when I couldn’t find any news sources that had picked up on the story. That’s why I put the sentence about if it “turns out to be factual” in there. The scary part, though, is that the actual act does make such scenarios possible, if not necessarily plausible, and that alone is enough to cause me concern.

  3. It’s real. My brother and I took it upon ourselves to email Portland PDX. He and I both received email confirmations that Monahan was involved in a security confrontation, though their POV regarding the event is obviously different. It’s all blogged. Check it out.

  4. Freedom is a concept we have to strive and fight for.  Now more than ever we have to fight the Government for what they should be protecting.  Do something with your hair, dress or talk and they suspect and question you.  Hopefully America will wake up from their beliefs of Government can do no wrong.  Big brother is getting too big, and the amount of people that see that are too small.

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