Wal-Mart proves once again just how charity minded they are.

Gotta love stories like Wal-Mart Resells Donated Toys:

Toys that had been placed in a drop-off box for charity at a Wal-Mart store were put back on the store’s shelves after a mix-up that frustrated organizers.

With 10 days left until the end of the annual Toys for Tots drive for the Logan County Chamber of Commerce, organizer Susan Kraich said she was back at square one.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on that box every time I went to Wal-Mart, and was so excited as it slowly began to fill. Over the weekend I heard that it was nearly full, so I went to pick it up. I was devastated when I found it empty,” Kraich said.

Kraich said she complained to store management, but was told the store would only replace the items she knew for a fact were in the box. She left the store after replacing only three toys that she had purchased and donated to the cause.

“I don’t know how I am suppose to prove what was in there … I thought since Wal-Mart agreed to place the box, they were agreeing to keep an eye on it,” she said.

Wal-Mart manager Brad Barritt said the Toys for Tots organizer he met, whose name he could not remember, was instructed that donated items needed to be wrapped in Wal-Mart bags to ensure the items had been purchased.
Kraich denied ever receiving any such instruction.

“There was everything in that box—clothing, sporting goods, food items. My understanding was that the box would be emptied regularly. We had no way of knowing whether or not those items had been paid for,” Barritt said.

He said the box was not visible from the store’s security cameras, so there was no video proof that the toys were purchased.

As a result, he decided to place all of the items in the box back on store shelves to be resold.

Barritt noted that the retailer is a regular benefactor to area clubs and organizations, donating more than $50,000 annually. Wal-Mart even offered a $1,000 cash grant to Toys for Tots this year.

“Not that that has anything to do with this situation. Only to say that, as a corporation, we are very community minded. I’d hate to see a discrepancy over a few toys change that perception in the eyes of the public,” Barritt said.

I know someone who’s going to be getting coal in his stocking this year!

5 thoughts on “Wal-Mart proves once again just how charity minded they are.

  1. This Fucktard is now in Missouri at a store in Springfield.  (Kansas and I-44)

    And while you’re at it, be sure to take advantage of his scanning guarantee.  He’ll enjoy it.

  2. I think this serves as a warning to all about the true intentions of some Wal-Mart stores. I don’t believe that this was the first one to have done this. Although most people like to give annonymously to avoid having their names sold to more charities, people like Brad exsist. I think that when October and November comes, this story should be recirculated as a reminder to be cautious about who is minding the store.

  3. Brad Barritt nearly destroyed our store in Springfield, MO. He was self serving and never thought very much of any of his employees. His idea of managing a store was to gather as much bonus money for himself as he possibly could. He personally attacked me on Christmas Eve and then six months later did the same to my 28 year old son. How’s that for customer relations? My son was hearing impaired as well, he didn’t know how loud he was talking because he was back by TLE (tire lube express). Brad came up to hime and tried the shove him out the door while he was waiting for his car to be finished. How much of a man does that take? gulp

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