Tunes of the Season.

Courtney’s school choir had their Christmas concert this evening and I must say I’m happier with it this year than I was last year.  For starters this concert was considerably shorter with only 12 songs and none of the students performed a solo, though there was one duet. Secondly the music teacher managed to keep the number of overtly religious songs right around 50% as opposed to the 75% to 85% of past concerts. Thirdly, for the first time ever, there was at least one song out of the bunch that I count as a personal favorite (Christmas Time Is Here) and my daughter even got to perform it.

So all-in-all I can’t complain too much about this year’s concert as it was a much more balanced presentation than the ones I’ve ranted about it the past. The kids all did a great job without a single song rattling my teeth. I think their performance probably benefited from the smaller selection of songs giving them more time to hone what they did do to perfection.

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